Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Programmes


The two IAPT training programmes are organised by the University of Sheffield in collaboration with local IAPT services in Yorkshire and Humberside. These are:

Postgraduate Diploma in High Intensity Psychological Interventions (HIPI) - CBT Psychotherapist training

Postgraduate Certificate in Low Intensity Psychological Interventions (PWP) - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners training


The Sheffield programmes were established in 2008 as part of a national programme to train an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) workforce.

The IAPT initiative was developed in order to train workers to support the delivery of treatment for depression and anxiety disorders in line with National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidance. The initial IAPT programme began in 2006 with demonstration sites at Doncaster and Newham aiming to test the effectiveness of interventions offered. The national rollout commenced in 2008 in order to offer patients routine and least burdensome treatment for depression and anxiety disorders. The IAPT programmes operate within a stepped care model with Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners placed at Step 2 and High Intensity Therapists placed at Step 3.

Both programmes are accredited by the relevant professional bodies - the PWP training is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), and the HIPI training is accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

Places on both programmes are funded by Health Education Yorkshire and are designed to meet the service needs of IAPT service providers. The programmes are the sole provider of High Intensity and PWP training in the Yorkshire and Humber locality. Both programmes run for one year, beginning in October. Recruitment takes place in conjunction with the IAPT services from April – August (approximately). In order to access training, applicants must apply for the relevant trainee post within the NHS or specified Third Sector organisation. (See Programme Application section on the individual programme web pages for more information).

Further information about the programmes is available on the following web pages:

Postgraduate Diploma in High Intensity Psychological Interventions (HIPI) - CBT Psychotherapist training

Postgraduate Certificate in Low Intensity Psychological Interventions (PWP) - Psychological Well-being Practitioners training

Excellence in Teaching

Since the inception of the programmes in 2008, we have trained over 150 PWP and over 75 HIPI therapists.

The IAPT programmes were awarded a Senate Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in 2011.

The IAPT staff teach on other low and high intensity training courses over the UK and present at national and international conferences.

Steve Kellett presents at 45th Annual BABCP conference, July 2017 

10 years of IAPT - an overview of clinical and organisational lessons learnt

Jennie Hague presents at 45th Annual BABCP conference, July 2017

The competencies required to assess and treat using low intensity CBT by Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

Excellence in Research

The IAPT programmes are delivered by the Clinical Psychology Unit, which houses a group of research active clinical academics who are committed to enhancing clinical research through publication in quality journals, contributing to developments in clinical practice through the dissemination of research findings, and providing excellence in professional training and the local provision of clinical services.

More information on the research of the Clinical Psychology Unit can be accessed here.


Further information about the individual programmes can be found on their respective pages, accessible via the links above or to the right hand of this page. 

The IAPT tutors are based within the Clinical Psychology Unit. Please see their section of the CPU staff webpage, for further information and contact details.

Any additional enquires can be directed to the IAPT Administrator at

IAPT Supervisors Training

The IAPT team also provide input into supervision training for qualified local IAPT clinicians who supervise both qualified and trainee PWPs and HIPIs. This training is made available to IAPT staff in the Midlands in addition to Yorkshire and Humber and is funded by education commissioners. The programme is annually evaluated and trains large cohorts of IAPT staff each year. For further information on how to access this training, please contact Sue Maskrey, IAPT Supervision Training Administrator at