Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA)

Preliminary KSA for High Intensity CBT trainee candidates.


Candidates for the High Intensity CBT training course who do not have a relevant, recognised Core Professional qualification must provide evidence of prior training and experience which meets the requirements for PG training in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBP). (e.g. mental health nurse, social worker, accredited Counsellor – please see BABPC guidelines if you are unsure if you have a core profession

Please carefully read the University of Sheffield KSA guidelines (below) as Universities can differ in their requirements.

Interview Process

The High Intensity course is accredited by the BABCP. The University of Sheffield requires that candidates without a core profession provide a completed (full or condensed version) electronic KSA, in line with the BABCP requirements for their professional background, at interview. Further details on the KSA, and what sections candidates must complete, can be found here:

Following the interview, the KSA will be reviewed by the KSA assessor at the University of Sheffield. If the KSA does not meet the necessary requirements, the candidate will be unsuccessful in securing a place on the course.

Please refer to the Guidelines for assembling and assessing KSA portfolios which includes the criteria and examples (Please see the BABCP KSA Portfolio Guidelines)

You must complete:

A Self-Statement (KSA2) provides the opportunity to give a full summary of the following information:

  • Briefly, what knowledge and/or skill was learned or acquired
  • How the knowledge, skill and/or attitude was learned and acquired, for example where the training and/or experience was undertaken, through what training, in what work settings, etc.
  • A critical appraisal of how this knowledge and/or skill applies to psychotherapeutic roles
  • Illustrative example/s of the application of the knowledge and/or skill which demonstrates some critical learning from the outcome

You are required to attach all evidence and references at the interview stage.

We have recently changed the KSA process and you are now expected to submit a fully complete KSA (or complete condensed KSA in line with BABCP requirements for your professional background) at interview, this must include all references and evidence. Please see the BABCP website for information on the references that are needed for each criterion.

After you have been selected for CBT training

Passing the KSA is a mandatory requirement by the BABCP and the KSA will need to be completed by the start of the training year. Without this the trainee cannot start with the course.

Further details about the KSA process and criteria are found:

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