Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Research with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities focuses on four key areas; psychological therapies, assessment, offending behaviour and restrictive physical interventions.

Key areas of interest

Psychological therapies

There is an ongoing programme of evaluation of psychological therapies. One programme focuses on outcomes and satisfaction with psychodynamic psychotherapy. The second is in collaboration with Professors Bill Lindsay, Richard Hastings, John Taylor and Chris Hatton which is evaluating manualised cognitive behavioural therapy.


We have conducted a series of projects examining the psychometric properties of psychological assessment tools used with people who have intellectual disabilities. Currently we are developing a new measure for evaluating outcomes of psychological therapies.

Offending Behaviour

In collaboration with our colleagues in specialist forensic services we have carried out a series of studies examining the role of cognitive factors in offending behaviour such as theory of mind and empathy. Our most recent study has examined differences in anger and aggression in offender and general populations of men who have intellectual disabilities.

Restrictive physical interventions

The use of restrictive physical interventions is highly controversial and has been a subject of considerable concern in several investigations. We have contributed to the understanding of these practices through several studies. Currently we are focusing on the views of people who have intellectual disabilities about the types of restraint used in services.

Staff undertaking research in this area

Name Summary of Thematic Area Key Collaborators
Professor Nigel Beail Learning Disabilities Dr Tom Jackson, Dr Stephen Kellett, Dr Alick Bush, Dr Zara Clarke, Dr David Newman, Prof Bill Lindsay
Dr Stephen Kellett Effectiveness of routinely delivered therapy in LD populations Prof Nigel Beail

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