Pronoun badges for students/ staff

We are delighted to be able to offer pronoun badges free of charge to all students and members of staff who’d like to wear one. All we ask is that those who are in a position to do so make a small donation to a LGBT+ charity of their choosing.

Heidi Christensen holding pronoun badges

Why pronoun badges are important

Wearing a pronoun badge, regardless of what your gender identity is, can be a great way to signify you are an ally to those who may be facing discrimination elsewhere. We want all our students and colleagues to feel safe to be true to who they are.

As well as promoting a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment, it can help to normalise the non-assumption of pronouns and reduce the frequency with which transgender people are misgendered. Seeing others wearing pronoun badges can also provide a sense of reassurance, reduce anxiety, and help individuals be themselves without fear of judgement or discrimination.

Top tips:

  • Pin your badge to your lanyard to save it going through the wash!
  • You can now add your pronoun to your email signature, various video calling platforms and our Blackboard online learning environment.

When pronoun badges are useful

It can be helpful to make pronoun badges available in situations where those gathering may not know one another well, such as conferences, workshops or outreach events. If you are organising an event, it is worth considering having pronoun badges available to attendees on arrival. We do, of course, have to be mindful of our environmental impact, so a section for pronouns on name tags can be just as effective.

For me this would make me feel a lot more comfortable, to visibly see that they are allies when it comes to transgender issues. 

It also makes situations easier, such as if there is an ambiguous situation and you don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Lastly, it makes me feel less of an outsider as I am a daily pronoun badge wearer, and having more people wear them will bring more of a sense of normality to it."

Anna Penny (they/ them)

Graduate and President of Sheffield CompSoc 20202/23

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