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The Department of Computer Science selects exemplary papers to highlight our world leading research.

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Brains on Board

Brains on Board

Congratulations to Prof. James Marshall who has been awarded a £4.8m EPSRC Programme Grant for his project: Brains on Board: Neuromorphic Control of Flying Robots

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Logical Hacking

Logical Hacking is the blog of the Software and Assurance Team led by Dr Achim Brucker

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Artifical Intelligence research theme

The department is internationally leading in work on Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.

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Image showing computer facial modelling

Theory research theme

Algorithms are at the heart of computer science as a subject, and methods for the verification of computer hardware and software are among the great success stories of computer science.

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Systems research theme

Understanding natural and artificial systems is core to computer science. Our research addresses cybersecurity, systems that underpin health and public safety, and innovative techniques for software testing and quality assurance.

Complex Systems Modelling> Organisations, Information and Knowledge> Security of Advanced Systems> Testing>