Brain Awareness Week 2024

To celebrate Brain Awareness Week 2024 we spotlight the work of Dr Lauren Powell who has a mission to empower neurodiverse young people to understand and embrace their neurodiversity.

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In her research Lauren has collaborated with young people with ADHD/Autism, their families, experts from clinical, education and charity contexts, Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Derby and NIHR Children and Young People MedTech. This has led to the co-creation of two paper based activity books that aim to educate the young person about their neurodiversity and provide skills to help them live well with it.

The first book is for children and young people aged 7-11 years with ADHD: endorsed by and available on the ADHD Foundation Resource Hub, one of the UK’s leading neurodiversity charities. The second book is for autistic children and young people who attend mainstream primary education. This is also endorsed by and available on the ADHD Foundation Resource Hub.

The activity books are now used by over 100 schools, 47 NHS services, local authorities and charities across the UK. The activity books are estimated to reach over 1100 families annually.

Families have since reported that their children have an understanding of their neurodiversity, have gained confidence to talk about it with their friends and that the activity books have acted as communication aids, enabling families to initiate important and age appropriate conversations with their children about their neurodiversity.

Brain awareness week is an annual event launched in association with the Dana Foundation to celebrate the global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science.