School of Education Staff

Professor Elizabeth Wood is Head of The School of Education.

Lucy Thorp is the Departmental Manager for The School of Education.

Academic Staff

The School of Education employs over 40 Academic Staff.  Our academics are leading experts who are passionate about education and offer tailored teaching to enable students to explore and develop their interests in the way that suits them. We produce outstanding world-class research, which has a direct impact on educational theory, policy & practice.

To visit the A-Z list of Academic Staff within the School, click here.

Professional Services

The Professional Services function of the School of Education covers the following areas:

The Operations team is responsible for marketing, recruitment and admissions; learning technology; finance; and School-wide operational issues such as HR, health and safety, IT and estates.

Research activities are aligned to the School, Faculty and wider University research strategies, with the Research Manager taking strategic leadership of research.

Student Experience
Learning and Teaching activity is focussed into a Student Experience Team to provide a clear link between learning and teaching activities and the impact upon the student experience.

For an A-Z list of the School of Education Professional Services team, click here.

Emeritus Professors and Honorary Staff

The School of Education continues to recognise the distinguished academic service of our Emeritus and Honorary Professors.  We maintain an active ongoing relationship with our Emeritus Professors during retirement; they often undertake a variety of activities for the School of Education, supporting us in our academic endeavour in a variety of ways.

For an A-Z list of the Emeritus and Honorary Professors at the School of Education, click here.