Dr. Christine Winter, B.A., M.A., PGCE, Ph.D.

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Senior Lecturer
Tel: (+44) (0)114 222 8142
Fax: (+44) (0)114 279 6236
Email: c.winter@Sheffield.ac.uk
Room: 7.07, School of Education

Research Interests

Research Interests

Curriculum Research

Chris researches school curriculum policy and other school texts from a poststructural perspective. She is interested in the language of curriculum texts, how this deconstructs and how it can be rethought and revitalised. She enquires into ways in which curriculum knowledge is produced and transformed for and in schools, and the responsibilities involved. Chris researches a variety of curriculum texts, including policies, textbooks, lesson plans, classroom resources and students´ work to enquire into the nature of knowledge circulating within school subjects and the relationships between curriculum policies and curriculum practices.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Recently there has been a groundswell of curriculum policy-making around ESD in England, particularly for schools. Chris is currently investigating ESD curriculum policy language and how such policies are implemented in practice.

The School Geography Curriculum

Chris is interested in the nature of knowledge in geography. She enquires into what marks out geography as a field of enquiry. The fortunes of school subjects shift over time. The rises and falls in geography´s status in the curriculum make it an exciting area of research in terms of the kind of knowledge that may or may not be made available to students. Chris enquires into how meaning about geography arises and the process by which frameworks of meaning which currently circulate around school geography become institutionalised. She is interested in developing other ways of knowing, learning and teaching school curriculum subjects like geography, for example, through sculpture and fiction.


Globalisation is highly significant for educationalists at all levels. Chris´s main interest in this topic lies in the impact of globalisation on education policy and practice. She researches how globalisation influences curriculum policy development and implementation, with particular attention to debates around policy divergence, convergence and `migration´. She is interested in how national identity is conceptualised in school texts and policies during contemporary globalised times.



Chris's teaching is research-led. Her research interest is curriculum studies, education policy and globalisation and most of her teaching focuses on these areas.

Chris teaches a module called "Internationalising Curriculum and Assessment" on the MA Globalising Education programme, where she also tutors students and supervises dissertations. The MA is a one-year full time MA programme, and as a Geographer, Chris particularly relishes teaching students from a range of countries around the world. International students bring knowledge and experience of educational systems in their own countries to share with their classmates.

Chris's contribution to the MA Advanced Professional Studies in Education programme is mainly as a dissertation supervisor for Geography teachers who research their practice in secondary schools. This role allows Chris to support students through her input of recent research findings and guidance; at the same time, contact with teachers keeps her updated regarding developments in the school curriculum.

Chris contributes to four modules in the Sheffield EdD programme in addition to teaching her own module called "Curriculum Studies: Issues and Debates". She is committed to supporting EdD students who come from very diverse educational and professional backgrounds and locations and who invest time developing their professional expertise at doctoral level.

Her teaching strategies are founded on the following principles:

  • Making connections with students based on their existing knowledge and experience
  • Building students’ confidence and skills as thinkers and writers
  • Encouraging critical engagement with knowledge on the basis of robust evidence
  • Enthusing students about the contribution education can make to a just society and the role of curriculum to the study of education
  • Supporting students through personal tutoring related to academic and pastoral concerns

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