Looking after our trees

The University of Sheffield is proud to take care of around 10,500 trees across the estate. To ensure they are well cared for and continue to contribute positively to the Sheffield environment, we’re currently undertaking a comprehensive re-survey of all our trees.



The Landscape Services Team, who care for our trees

Our team use trusted local arboriculturalists to carry out any work. Specialist equipment, in the form of an ultrasound tomograph and microdrill, enable us to monitor, plan and protect all our trees, ensuring that we can manage them effectively, keeping them healthy as long as possible and able to confidently assess when and if they are at the end of their lives through disease or decay or when they represent a health and safety risk.

Our tree replacement policy

Our tree management policy includes a commitment to replacing any tree we have to remove with at least two new trees, often more. As we recognise that a sapling will take several years before it begins to make the same kind of environmental impact as an existing mature tree, we have invested in a number of additional semi-mature specimens to add to the many we have already planted as part of the public spaces programme we have recently completed around our central campus.

When we have to remove trees

Naturally, the tree survey is likely to highlight some trees which will need to be removed - indeed, we will soon be removing a number of specimens which we already know to be dead or severely decayed and for which we have already received Council authority. So, there will be some activity over the coming months where some trees will be removed as part of our ongoing maintenance programme. We will only remove a tree when it is considered absolutely necessary and we hope, through the survey work, to be able to gather much more sophisticated intelligence about tree quality, enabling us to monitor condition and keep as many trees alive and well for as long as possible.

Further information

You can find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions here 

Download and read our Tree Management Strategy 2020

If you have any further questions, please email our Landscape Services Manager Douglas Brooke.