Integrated Management System (IMS)

Estates & Facilities Management are committed to continuously improving our performance whilst minimising our environmental impact.


To do this, we have an IMS system which helps us manage risk and achieve our objectives through a continuous cycle of review, correction and improvement of operations and processes.

We are committed to and have aspirations of improving performance and meeting all compliance requirements. The following three policies provide a framework to help us to achieve our objectives.

Integrated Policy StatementEnvironmental and Energy Policy

Health and Safety Policy

For more information, contact Charlotte Winnert, Environment and IMS Manager

What is the IMS and why do we need it?

Our IMS system comprises the following international standards

These standards provide a framework for the department to proactively standardise processes, manage risk and continuously improve our performance. Specifically, they help us to:

  • Meet our legal requirements and keep records to demonstrate compliance.
  • Manage our operational H&S risks properly within a structured framework.
  • Ensure that we carry our operations activities correctly and consistently.
  • Ensure that everyone is trained, competent to do their jobs and understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • To manage the estate in the most cost effective way possible, reducing mistakes and rework.
  • Support the university in its sustainable aspirations.

Certification of our IMS

Certification of a management system is important as it adds credibility to the system, this is because it demonstrates an organisation is meeting the requirements set out in the standards. BSI are our external auditors who during September, November and December 2022 the audit team visited the department and every team to determine if

  • we are effectively managing our business risks,
  • have set objectives and targets to improve our performance
  • that our operational and processes are being planned and managed effectively,
  • that employees are trained and competent,
  • and that we are monitoring and reporting on our performance.

At the end of the processes the audit team advised that they would be recommending EFM for certification for all three standards.  Please see the certificates below.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System - Certification of Registration

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System - Certification of Registration

ISO 50001 Energy Management System - Certification of Registration

Three logos showing we are ISO certified