Hedgehog friendly initiatives

We've been told of hedgehog sightings on campus and have taken a number of steps to promote their habitat through appropriate green corridors.

Wooden Hedgehog House nestled in bushes near Arts Tower

Hedgehogs have been seen on campus including on Back Lane, close to Western Bank Library and the Arts Tower. We have taken a number of steps to help protect and support hedgehogs who live and use our campus including:

  • placing four hedgehog boxes in locations which do not cross over or major roads (where hedgehogs could be run over)
  • adding further plants to the Western bank planted areas - to promote insects to follow the hedgehog food chain
  • actively choosing to keep the small shrub area at the west entrance to Dainton Building as it is now as the planting includes the dense cornus alba - creating ideal natural protection conditions for hedgehogs.
  • putting up hedgehog signs to increase awareness amongst staff, students and visitors who walk, cycle and drive in areas where hedgehogs have been seen
road sign in a car park warning that hedgehogs cross in the area