The Learning Agreement

What is it?

The Learning Agreement is an official Erasmus+ document, which is issued to students taking part in a study exchange through the programme.

The purpose is to record your provisional module choices and have them approved by your home university and the University of Sheffield. Your home institution should issue you with this document before you start your mobility.

When do I have to complete this document?

The University of Sheffield does not have a set deadline for completing this document as Global Opportunities & Exchanges do not keep copies of the document.

However, some of the academic departments may require incoming students to complete and send it before they arrive in Sheffield.

You are advised to check with your host department in Sheffield as well as your coordinator in your home institution to see what their particular requirements are in relation to the Learning Agreement.

If you are advised to have it signed when you arrive in Sheffield that is fine. The document can be signed once your modules are confirmed after Registration.

Your home university will advise you if you do not have complete the document.

How do I complete it?

Your home university should provide you with instructions on how to complete the document.

We advise that you do not complete it until all of your provisional modules choices have been approved in the online application system. Be aware that the document does not guarantee that you will be allowed to sign up for all your chosen courses when you arrive.

Once the document is ready to be signed by Sheffield you will need to send it to the departmental Erasmus tutor for signature. Global Opportunities & Exchanges is not able to authorise modules on behalf of your host department.

A list of the departmental tutors can be found here.