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Tim Shone and Dame Professor Pam Shaw smiling at the camera
Tim with Professor Dame Pam Shaw during the Shone Big Walk

Tim’s Story

Tim was diagnosed with MND in January 2022. The diagnosis was devastating. Being told there was a limited lifespan of 2+ years and coping with his body deteriorating was overwhelming. Tim and his wife Anne kept the diagnosis to themselves while they sorted out their family business and adjusted to their new reality. When they did confide in their family and friends the shock and devastation was felt by all. 

Tim’s life drastically changed after the diagnosis. He and Anne spent more time at home, enjoying cherished moments with their loved ones. However, his grandchildren gave him reason to use his offroad buggy to attend their football matches and cheer them on from the sidelines. 

Despite the challenges presented by MND, Tim continued to embrace every moment he could with his loved ones. 

Will you help Sheffield researchers find treatments to give patients more time with their family and friends?

Yes, I want to help people like Tim 

Tim Shone with his grandkids

Sheffield is leading the way in MND Research

Alongside his family, friends, and supporters, Tim worked tirelessly to contribute to groundbreaking research that could impact countless lives. Together, they raised an astounding £178,000 for MND research at the University of Sheffield. This wonderful gift has been used to support cutting edge scientific equipment and our MND research programmes in SITraN.  

Tim's commitment to raising awareness and funds for MND research at the University of Sheffield was truly inspiring. Tim said about SITraN’s work: 

“SITraN along with the University of Sheffield has already proven itself to be a world leader in MND and associated diseases research which can and does produce results. It attracts and retains scientists, doctors and a wide variety of professionals specialising in research into these diseases. If you are interested in helping the advancement of research and therefore helping MND patients, SITraN and the University of Sheffield is a direct route for donations going to the core of worldwide research. 

A massive thank you to anyone making a gift which could help so many people. You’re saving lives, extending lives and making lives more comfortable; for those with the disease, and of course for future generations.” 

Very sadly, Tim passed away in July 2023 after his courageous battle with MND. 

Thank you for your support, Tim. Your legacy and spirit will continue to shine brightly.

I want to help people like Tim

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