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Every donation makes a difference and we are incredibly grateful for your support. We thank and recognise your generosity in a number of ways.

Salma Ghafoor, Medicine student in the Information Commons

Thank you to our donors and Volunteers

You really do make extraordinary things happen. Whether it’s by helping financially through scholarships, accelerating the next medical research breakthrough or inspiring students with the gift of time, your support changes lives.

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Donor communications

We recognise the generosity and impact of our supporters through a varied programme of donor communications, including our flagship donor publication, Your Gift.

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Gift clubs

Our gift clubs celebrate the contribution of our valued community of supporters.

Silver Arrows Circle

When you give regularly on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, you are welcomed into the Silver Arrows Circle. As part of our thank you, you will receive our special Silver Arrows lapel badge, inspired by the arrows which can be found on the City of Sheffield and University crests.

Firth Circle

When you make a gift of £1,200 and above in a single year, you are admitted into the Firth Circle. The Firth Circle was named in honour of local philanthropist and one of the University’s founding fathers, Mark Firth. As a member of the Firth Circle, your name will be included on our Benefactors’ Board in the Diamond.

Heritage Circle

When you pledge to leave a gift to the University in your Will, you will be invited into the Heritage Circle. Recognising the generous foresight of legacy pledgers, you will be presented with a Silver Arrows lapel pin, priority invitations to prestigious events, an invitation to the annual Heritage Circle lunch, our legacy newsletter, and a tour of the campus. For gifts of over £20,000, you will also receive a gift certificate.

President & Vice-Chancellor’s and Chancellor’s Lists

When you make a gift of over £25,000, you will be invited onto the President & Vice-Chancellor's List. When you give a gift of over £100,000, you will be invited onto the ​the Chancellor's List. As a member of these clubs, your name will be included on our Benefactors’ Board in the Diamond and you will receive a personalised gift certificate.

Roll of Benefactors

When you make a transformational gift of over £500,000 you will receive the University's highest honour for philanthropy by being invited to join our prestigious Roll of Benefactors. This recognises our most significant donors. You will be admitted onto the roll through a special ceremony with the President & Vice-Chancellor and your name inscribed on the exclusive Honour Board in Firth Court.

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