Ivan's Sheffield Half Marathon Story

Meet Dr Ivan Benemerito, Postdoctoral Research Associate in INSIGNEO and 2015 alumnus.


I’ve really wanted to run the Sheffield Half Marathon for a while and had started training when I received the email from CAR. When I found out that I could fundraise for the University and take on the SHM, I thought, "This is exactly what I was looking for!".

I’m a researcher at the University but don’t work in the field of Genetic Disease Research. From my work, I know how important it is to support research in basic science. I have two kids and I can only imagine how hard it must be for parents to discover their child has a genetic disease.

Supporting this research is really the right thing to do: for the kids, for the parents and for the researchers.

I’ve already taken part in several half marathons so in theory this should not be a problem. In practice, with two kids and a busy work schedule the thing I'm struggling the most is finding the time to put on my shoes and going out training! My commitment towards the cause, and my gratitude towards those who have already donated, tell me that I'll be able to get to the finish line. Getting to the finish line is important, but even more important is the fundraising you do along the way.

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