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“As a postdoctoral researcher working on MND research at the University of Sheffield, the fundraising is very close to my heart.”

Amy running

Meet Dr Amy Keerie, a postdoctoral researcher at SITraN, who is taking on the 2023 Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon this May. 

Amy is a postdoc specialising in MND. And through her work has seen the amazing research taking place at Sheffield. So she’s taking her lockdown hobby to the next level!

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What motivated you to join the University of Sheffield team at the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon?

My PhD and my post doc have been focused on finding potential therapeutics for MND, as there are currently limited treatment options and no cure for this disease. As I have carried out my research I have had the privilege to meet patients with MND and this has always inspired me to continue the search for new treatments and raise money to help with research in this area.

During the first COVID lockdown I started running (well mostly walking/jogging) and since then I have worked my way up to running 5-10km regularly and taking part in local parkruns. My furthest run so far has been around 15km and the challenge of a full marathon is great motivation to keep running and raise as much money as possible for this great cause.

What does fundraising for MND research at the University of Sheffield mean to you? 

As a postdoctoral researcher working on MND research at the University of Sheffield, the fundraising is very close to my heart. The money raised will help develop further understanding of MND and help develop potential new therapeutics to help patients with MND.

Amy on graduation day

How do you feel about taking on this challenge? 

I am very apprehensive about running a marathon. I started running in lockdown and this will be the longest distance I have ever run, as my preferred distance is 5-10km. My goal for 2023 was to complete the Sheffield half marathon and doing a full marathon felt like an unachievable goal, but I am very much up for the challenge. Although I am nervous, I am feeling very motivated to raise the money to continue with some of the amazing MND research that is going on.

Do you have any advice for those who might be considering taking on a similar challenge for MND?

Raising money for MND research will help with better understanding of the disease and hopefully help towards more treatments for patients. I would encourage anyone who wanted to raise money to go for it! Every donation is helpful to the cause and there are loads of ways to raise money and challenge yourself.

Good luck, Amy. We’re behind you every step of the way!

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