Hiking to Cheshire in memory of Mechanical Engineering student, Richard Pover

Sheffield alumnus to take on a sixty-mile hike from Weston Park to Cheshire in memory of his classmate, Richard Pover.

Richard Pover

Richard Pover was a 'born engineer'. He loved Sheffield, his course, the University and his friends. However, during his third year, he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of testicular cancer. Richard sadly passed away in 2013, on the day he would have left university had he finished his degree.

As a tribute to his Sheffield classmate, Mike Edwardson is taking on a 60 mile hike from Weston Park to Richard’s hometown of Tarporley. Mike’s route follows the same one his friends took in 2014 to support the Richard Pover Endowment. Mike aims to raise £400 in memory of Richard. 

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Richard Pover and Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson (left) and Richard Pover (right)

Since 2015, Richard’s family have worked tirelessly to create a lasting memorial leading to the establishment of the Richard Pover Endowment. The fund provides a scholarship and other prizes to talented Mechanical Engineering students. It enables outstanding students to get the recognition they deserve and be a fantastic reminder of Richard's power to maintain an astonishingly positive outlook in the face of great adversity.  

The Richard Pover Scholarship has enabled me to study without having to commit to paid employment, giving me extra time to do all the things I love which I am sure has led to significant personal development.”

Mathew Dodgson

Richard Pover Scholarship recipient

He did it!

Mike Edwardson's 60 mile hike for the Richard Pover Endowment Fund
Left: Mike at Richard Pover's tree in Weston Park. Right: Mike with Anne and David Pover, Richard's parents, at the end of his hike.

On Friday 15th July, Mike set off on his hike from Richard Pover's memorial tree in Weston Park to Richard's family home 60 miles away. 

After 28 gruelling hours in the summer sunshine with no sleep, Mike finally made it to the finish line. There he was greeted by Anne and David, Richard's parents, as well as Richard's university friends and family. 

So far Mike has raised over £1200 for the Richard Pover Endowment. Smashing his original target of £400! And there's still time to donate. 

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Mike Edwardson's 60 mile hike for the Richard Pover Endowment Fund
Mike with Richard's university friends