"My scholarship changed my life"

Scholarship student Safa

Growing up Safa didn’t believe that University was a realistic option for her. But with a lot of hard work and the support of generous individuals, she’s now studying to become a doctor at Sheffield.

When I was younger, wanting to be a doctor was just a dream. Because for kids like me, school was hard. I came to the UK when I was a baby. My parents spoke little English and no one knew much about life here. My Dad worked long hours as a chef and my Mum stayed at home to look after the children. 

I worked hard at school and college and I supported my younger siblings to do the same. But university was never a given. I knew the expense would burden my family financially. Deciding to study medicine was an even harder decision. So after getting the A Levels I needed, I took a gap year to get relevant work experience. I tutored others to build some savings and feel sure I was doing the right thing.

When I found out I was being offered a scholarship to study at Sheffield I cried. My whole family was overwhelmed. I would be the first graduate, let alone the first doctor!

I wish I could put into words what it means to me. Knowing that someone has my back and believes that students like me deserve a chance is huge. It inspires me to do better. I feel a responsibility to myself and to those who support me. Thank you so much.

Safa Qureshi

Scholarship student

Tackling the rising cost of living

The difference the scholarship makes is huge. Day to day, I’m financially independent. I have a part-time job but I don’t work excessive hours. The time I spend worrying about money is less than it would be otherwise. Especially, with the rising cost of living.  

Knowing my scholarship is funded by the kindness of others is the biggest motivation.

I’m passionate about helping others and I’m dedicated to my goal of becoming a paediatrician. But being the recipient of a scholarship is a privilege that I hope I’ll be able to pay forward one day. 

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