Our people

Our talented scientists are united in a one goal - to find novel solutions to the biggest rare disease challenges and help to change the lives of patients and their families.

Picture of Prof. Mimoun Azzouz

Prof. Mimoun Azzouz

Director GTIMC


Professor Azzouz has achieved international pre-eminence in the field of gene therapy applications and vector development for neurodegenerative diseases. His original and pioneering work, which has already produced major breakthroughs in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases, will in the near future, translate into major therapeutic advances in the field of human neurodegenerative disease.

Picture of Kevin Garlick, GTIMC Manager, wearing a high vis jacket and hard hat

Kevin Garlick

GTIMC Manager


My role as the GTIMC Manager is to take the lead in ensuring that the delivery of service and long term strategic planning for GTIMC operations is undertaken, my other primary functions are to ensure the ongoing compliance of all aspects of statutory compliance of the building including compliance with GMP and MHRA Licences.

Toby Gamlen

Dr Toby Gamlen

Production Manager


Following an academic research and laboratory management career in molecular virology and lentiviral gene therapy vector production I am excited to be taking on managing the scientific and laboratory aspects of the AAV production process at the GTIMC.

Laura Ferraiuolo

Prof. Laura Ferraiuolo

GTIMC  Skills and Training Lead


I am Professor Laura Ferraiuolo, GTIMC  Skills and Training Lead. I have worked for over 20 years in the field of translational neuroscience with the aim to identify therapeutic targets and translate them into clinical approaches for neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr Mark Dickman

Prof Mark Dickman

GTIMC Process Development and Analytics Lead