Our people

Our talented scientists are united in a one goal - to find novel solutions to the biggest rare disease challenges and help to change the lives of patients and their families.

Picture of Prof. Mimoun Azzouz

Prof. Mimoun Azzouz

Director GTIMC

Professor Azzouz has achieved international pre-eminence in the field of gene therapy applications and vector development for neurodegenerative diseases. His original and pioneering work, which has already produced major breakthroughs in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases, will in the near future, translate into major therapeutic advances in the field of human neurodegenerative disease.

Joe Cartwright

Dr Joe Cartwright

Head of Projects

Joe has over a decade of experience in biopharmaceutical engineering and manufacturing. In his role as Head of Projects, he is responsible for the coordination and management of all projects within the GTIMC as well as liaison with partners and collaborators.

Isabel Christie

Dr Isabel Christie  

Business Development Manager

After a prize winning PhD at UCL and extensive research experience with pre-clinical gene therapy, Isabel is the Business Development Manager responsible for client relationships, grant applications and marketing. Isabel attends international conferences to stay up to date with the latest technology and developments. She is currently a Life Arc AUTM Tech Transfer Fellow and national finalist from Famelab 2013.

Dr Mark Dickman

Prof Mark Dickman

GTIMC Process Development and Analytics Lead

I am a Professor in Bioanalytical Science and Engineering. My research focuses on the development and application of analytical methods to underpin process development and the characterisation of biotherapeutics. We have significant experience in using bioseparations (HPLC) and biological mass spectrometry for the analysis of biotherapeutics. My role at the GTIMC is Process Development and Analytics Lead, supporting the development of novel manufacturing processes and analytics for the production of AAV.

Toby Gamlen

Dr Toby Gamlen

Production Manager

Following an academic research and laboratory management career in molecular virology and lentiviral gene therapy vector production I am excited to be taking on managing the scientific and laboratory aspects of the AAV production process at the GTIMC.

Guillaume Hautbergue

Prof. Guillaume M Hautbergue

Skills and Training Deputy Lead

Guillaume has been professor of translational RNA biology since January 2023. He supports Janine Kirby in the skills and training pillar of the Gene Therapy Innovation & Manufacturing Centre. Teaching on the MSc course in Advanced Therapies and coordinating research projects for these students. Guillame is also Director of the spin-out gene therapy company Crucible Therapeutics.

Professor Janine Kirby

Prof. Janine Kirby

GTIMC  Skills and Training Lead

Professor Janine Kirby is the GTIMC Skills and Training Lead for the Innovation Hubs for Gene Therapy and co-lead for the MSc in Advanced Cell and Gene Therapies. As Professor of Neurogenetics I have significant experience on understanding the genetics and pathological mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, biosample collection and identification of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.

Mike Reid

Michael Reid

Quality Assurance Manager 

With over a decade of experience in sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing, Mike’s role in the senior management team is to develop and manage the quality of our production facility

Joe Scarrott

Dr Joseph Scarrott

Process Development Scientist

Joe has been working with adeno-associated virus (AAV) since 2012, both as a tool for translational gene therapy research and as a manufacturing modality for process development. He is a co-inventor on patents for both a gene therapy treatment and an improved manufacturing process for AAV, and will be responsible for process development and research activities at the GTIMC.