LBR Funding Eligibility

Learning Beyond Registration (LBR) funding is available to applicants for our courses who are NHS staff in Yorkshire and Humber and East Midlands through their contracts with the University of Sheffield.

Non-medical registered healthcare staff delivering NHS commissioned healthcare are eligible to access the LBR funded education if they meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Their employing organisation supports significant practice learning of pre-registration NMET students by providing placements. Access to LBR funding is expected to be broadly commensurate with the level of non-medical practice placements provided by the employing organisation*
  2. They have the support of their organisation and have discussed the study commitment/negotiated study time in line with local policies and in light of the requirement for study time as identified within the course literature (whether in the Higher Education Institution, work-based or distance-learning)
  3. They have applied using the correct form, fully completing all elements of the form
  4. They agree to complete the module of study including all associated practice and/or assessment elements
  5. Their application is approved by, and their study recorded by, their Trust Learning Development Agreement Lead/Education Lead or Local Workforce Team Lead.
  6. The study supports the achievement of the organisation’s workforce plan and/or aligns with their county workforce plan

*Practice Placements means any suitable supervised clinical, practical or other learning experience in a workplace environment provided, conducted or arranged by the placement provider for learners; usually but not limited to an NHS trust, Foundation Trust, GP surgery, dental practice and other organisations that form part of the National Health Service or who deliver placement learning funded by the NHS (excluding private, voluntary and independent sectors within Yorkshire and the Humber).

Please note that Health Education East Midlands does not support all of our courses, please check the list of approved courses before applying.

To secure LBR funding you may need the approval of your trust or organisation's LBR lead.

Download and complete the fees and funding form here.