Children and Young People’s Research

We have a broad portfolio of interdisciplinary work focused upon the issues and debates relating to children, young people and their families.

A child using spelling blocks.

Our work is theoretically driven and underpinned by a concern for inequity, vulnerability and responsibilisation, and their impacts on children and young people. 

We utilise qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches to undertake research that addresses a range of areas, such as: evaluating interventions for children’s speech, language and communication difficulties; assessing visual function in children; considering policy and practice implications for children’s health and welfare. Importantly, we work with children to explore their everyday experiences of the circumstances that affect their health or wellbeing.  

Much of our research:

  • is child-focused
  • is participatory
  • draws upon principles of co-production
  • aims to address inequality and social outcomes for children and young people

We are committed to sharing the views and perspectives of children and young people and advocating for them in health, social care, education, and policy settings. We welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with practitioners, community partners and academics nationally and internationally.

Our members

Our members are academics, researchers and doctoral students from the School of Allied Health Professions, Nursing and Midwifery: 

Dr Katie Ellis

Dr Sarah Spencer 

Dr Jill Thompson 

Dr Silke Fricke

Hatice Bulut

Dr Hannah Fairbrother 

Deborah Pullicino 

Dr. Daniella Spiteri Cornish

Holly Geraghty

Dr Ozge Ozturk 

Meltem Catalbas

Dr Jenny Thomson

Deema Turki

Moninuola Ifayomi

Alex Zosimidou

Julie McGarry 

Dr Sonia Toor

Dr Charlotte J Codina

Crystelle Mountford

Some of current and recent projects include: 


Dr Katie Ellis, Dr Sarah Spencer and Dr Jill Thompson.

Centres of excellence

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