The team


University of Sheffield

  • Professor Shuisheng He: Shuisheng and his group conduct research in the general field of fluid mechanics and heat transfer combining computational fluid dynamics (RANS, DNS and LBM) with experimental studies. Recently, their research has focused on nuclear thermal hydraulics, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and turbulence (physics, transition and modelling). Other interests are biofluids and oil & gas productions. Email:
  • Dr Jianfei Xie: Jianfei joined the Sheffield University as a post-doctoral research associate in 2013 and is working on the EPSRC funded project Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) which focuses on the brine/CO2 flow in sandstone rocks. His research interests include the computational fluid dynamics (CFD), kinetic modelling, lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Email:

University of Leeds

  • Professor Bruce Yardley: my research interests are in fluid processes in the Earth's crust, and span a wide range of topics, including aspects of ore formation, diagenesis and prograde and retrograde metamorphism, taking place at all levels in the crust. I am particularly interested in chemical mass transfer by fluids and in the cycle of interactions between fluid flow, temperature, mineralogical reactions and the rheology and permeability of the crust. Email:
  • Benoit Lamy-Chappuis: postgraduate student, mineral-fluid interactions and their effects on the migration of CO2 in saline aquifers. Email:

University of Aberdeen

  • Professor Dubravka Pokrajac: research interests: Porous media flows - application to geological storage of CO2; surface-subsurface exchange on permeable beaches; momentum and mass transfer at fluid-porous interfaces; unsteady turbulent flows over rough walls; application of double-averaged Navier-Stokes equations for studying fluid flows; interaction of urban water systems with groundwater. Email:
  • Michele Starnoni: currently PhD student in Engineering at University of Aberdeen, modelling of pore-scale migration of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide in saline aquifers by using the conventional CFD method. Email:

Tsinghua University

  • Professor Peixue Jiang: research interests: convection heat transfer in porous media and enhanced heat transfer; convection heat transfer of fluids such as CO2 and R134a at Super-Critical Pressures; Trans-critical CO2 air conditioning system and heat pump with air-source and ground-source combined with solar energy; transpiration cooling and film cooling; thermal transport in micro/nano-scale structures; thermal drying and treatment of sludge. Email:
  • Professor Ruina Xu: research interests: porous media, supercritical CO2, heat transfer, microscale.

Fudan University

  • Associate Professor Yingqing Zu: Yingqing is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Fudan University. His research areas are lattice Boltzmann modelling, single- and multi- phase fluid flow and heat transfer, CO2 geological storage technologies, efficient cooling technologies for gas turbine components and the modelling of biomimetic fluid flows. Email:

Industrial partner / advisor

  • Mr Alan James, CO2DeepStore
  • Mr Jonathan Pearce, British Geological Survey

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