Development of a small modular reactor cooled by supercritical water


Funded by the HORIZON-2020, 2020-2024, grant agreement ID: 945234

Researchers: Dr. Kenneth Chinembiri, Prof. Shuisheng He

Collaborators: This is an international consortium involving 19 organisations from Europe, Canada and China.

This EU-funded ECC-SMART project is aimed at assessing the feasibility of a small modular reactor cooled by supercritical water and identifying its passive safety features. The project encompasses the design and pre-licensing requirements as well as a roadmap for demonstration of safety.

At Sheffield, we will carry out wall-resolved numerical simulations to complement physical experiments and support the validation/ development of turbulence and 1-D models. The work will make use of a large eddy simulation (LES)/direct numerical simulation (DNS) computer code (CHAPSim) that has been developed in-house in Sheffield for supercritical as well as subcritical fluid flow and heat transfer. We will in particular study the effect of roughness on turbulence and heat transfer. 

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