Former members


Alastair White

PhD student (2022-2023)

Alastair worked in a study regarding the fusion technology cooling systems using high-fidelity simulations. 

Dr Ashish Saxena

Research Associate (2021-2023)

Ashish worked on liquid metal heat transfer in support of the development of Liquid Metal Fast Reactors (LMFRs) using high-fidelity simulations.

Dr Desanga Fernando

Research Associate (2022-2023)

Desanga worked on the transient simulations of gas-mixing jet relevant to the pipe-break accidents in high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGR).

Dr Bo Liu

Research Associate (2017-2022)

Bo worked on developing smart models for the next generation of nuclear reactors using state-of-the-art CFD method funded by BEIS. He has developed sub-channel CFD. 

Dr Xiaoxue Huang

Research Associate (2017-2021)

Xiaoxue focused on developing thermal hydraulics models for liquid metals in support of development of fast reactors. 

Dr Mehdi Seddighi 

PhD student/Research Associate (2007-2015), Visiting Research Fellow (2015-2021)

Mehdi's research focused on DNS/LES of unsteady turbulent flows. He developed a DNS code, CHAPSim, during his PhD. The code is currently applied in studies of a range of turbulent flows in a channel or a pipe with smooth or rough surfaces.

Dr Benjamin S Oluwadare

PhD student (2015-2020)

Benjamin worked on turbulence in unsteady flows using Advanced Optical Measurement Techniques-Particle Image Velocimetry & Laser Doppler Anemometry.

Dr Xu Wang

Visiting PhD student (2018-2019)

Xu studied the propagation of firebrand using both RANS and LES approaches with FLUENT and OpenFOAM.

Dr Yanfei Gao

Visiting PhD student (2018-2019)

Yanfei carried out numerical simulation of turbomachinery and turbulence modelling of tip leakage flow in compressors.

Dr Cosimo Trinca 

PhD student (2015-2019)

Cosimo undertook a project concerning CFD modelling of the thermal hydraulics of an AGR fuel stringer at various stages of the fuel route.

Dr Muhsin Mohd Amin

PhD student (2014-2018), PDRA (2019)

Muhsin studied in the field of nuclear thermal hydraulics, focusing on instability and mixing of flow of supercritical water between subchannels. The research was carried out using large eddy simualtion (LES).

Miss Xinyi Miao

Researcher (2014-2017)

Xinyi carried out research on fundamental heat transfer problems under supercritical conditions with Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Dr. Junjie Yan

Visiting PhD student (2016-2017)

Junjie worked on heat transfer of supercritical pressure fuels using DNS method which focuses on heat transfer deterioration.

Dr Wei Wang

Research Associate (2013-2015)

Wei worked on the poject “Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics” which focuses on fundamental research about effects of fluid properties, buoyancy and flow acceleration in flow and heat transfer of fluids at supercritical pressure.

Mr Xiao Zhang

Researcher (2013-2016)

Xiao carried out research into non-uniform body force influenced turbulent flows using DNS.

Dr Yu Duan

PhD student (2011-2015)

Yu's research focused on the cooling effect of the cross flow in AGR reactors, as well as, the quasi-periodic vortices in rod bundles.

Mr. Guojun Yan

Visiting PhD student (2015-2016)

Guojun carried out research on the evaluation and improvement of turbulent models for non-equilibrium turbulent flows.

Dr Andrea Pucciarelli

Visiting PhD student (2014-2015)

Andrea was working on fluid to fluid scaling for heat transfer to supercritical fluids, using RANS and DNS approaches.

Dr Akshat Mathur

PhD student (2011-2015)

Akshat was working on transient transient turbulence in unsteady flows, where flow is generated by a piston/cylinder assembly.

Dr Kui He

PhD student (2011-2015)

Kui was working on studying supercritical fluids using DNS simulations.

Dr Fusheng Qiu

Academic visitor (2015-2016)

Qiu was working on irregular boundary coordinate transformation for DNS of unsteady turbulent flows and focuses on its application.

Dr Sam Gorji

PhD student (2010-2014)

Sam's PhD project was focused on experimental studies of unsteady turbulent flows over rough surfaces. PIV and LDA were used to investigate the turbulence behaviour and structure in unsteady channel flows.

Dr Yingqing Zu

Research Associate (2011-2013)

Yingqing worked as a Research Associate (2011-2013) on an EPSRC funded project for fundamental study of migration of supercritical carbon dioxide in porous media under conditions of saline aquifers.

Archana Valappil

Visiting PhD student (July 2014 - December 2014)

Archana was working on Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of supercritical fluid natural circulation loop.

Dr Jianfei Xie

Research Associate (2013-2014)

Jianfei was working on the EPSRC project Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) which focuses on the multiphase flow in porous media.

Dr Kristin Newlands

PhD student (2010-2014)

Kristin undertook her PhD study on investigation of complex flow behaviour in the fuel stringer within a nuclear reactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Dr Faik Hamad

KTP Associate, Teaching Fellow (2007-2011)

Dr Hamad initially joined the group as an KTP associate and then was employed by the School of Engineering as a teaching fellow. His research interest lies in multiphase flow - measurement, simulations and metering. He is now a Lecturer at Teesside University.

Dr Chanchala Ariyaratne

Research/Teaching Fellow (2006-2010)

Chanchala worked on an EPSRC project entitled 'Theoretical and experimental study of the dependence of transient pipe friction on turbulence dynamics'. Her research interests include CFD, turbulence modelling, unsteady flow and swirling flows in a pipe.

Dr Poo (Poorna) Ganesan

PhD student, Research Fellow (2005-2010)

Poorna studied modelling of blood circulation in the retina vasculature as a PhD student. He later conducted consulting/research work in the fields of CFD and nuclear engineering. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at The University of Malaya.

Azubuike (Zuby) Okorafor

MPhil student, Research Assistant (2006-2009)

Zuby conducted a combined computational and experimental study on the stability of a double diffusive system. He also performed research in CFD simulations of flows in complex systems.

Dr Feng Wang

Visiting PhD Student (2008-2009)

Feng carried out research on unsteady pipe flows while in Aberdeen. Feng's research interests are tunnel ventilation and aerodynamic, transient pipeline flow, multiphase flow and CFD. He is currently a Lecturer at Sichuan University.

Dr Douglas Morrison

Research Fellow (2005-2008)

Dr Morrison advised on a KTP project on the design and development of an abrasive water jet cutting system and co-supervised research students. His research interests include stratification, convection and stability in composite liquids (e.g. liquified natural gas), CFD and flow modelling and oil and gas production

Dr Miguel Reyes

Sabbatical leave visitor (2006-2007)

Dr Reyes was a Senior Lecturer at the University Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, spending his sabbatical leave in the group. He worked on LBM of flows in complex geometries. His other research interests include CFD, oil and gas production, separation processes and Internal Combustion Engines.

Mr Shashikiran Tarikere

KTP Associate (2005-2007)

Shashi worked on a KTP project on the design and development of an abrasive water jet cutting system. His research interests are CFD and abrasive jetting.

Dr Won-Seok Kim

Research Fellow (2003-2006)

Dr Kim worked on an EPSRC project entitled 'Modelling of turbulent heat transfer to fluids at supercritical pressure EPSRC’. His research interests include mixed convection, heat transfer, turbulence and computational fluid dynamics.

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