Dr Bo Liu

Research Associate

BSc (Chemical Engineering & Technology)
MSc (Technology of Chemical Engineering, Process & Systems Engineering)
                             PhD (Chemical Engineering)

Telephone: +44(0) 114 2227808
Email: Bo.Liu@sheffield.ac.uk

Bo's currently working on developing smart models for the next generation of nuclear reactors using state-of-the-art CFD method.

Research Interest

  • Turbulent reactive flow
  • Turbulent premixed combustion
  • Modelling of solid dust explosion
  • Multi-phase fliudization (gas-solid, liquid-solid)
  • Biomass thermal conversion (fast pyrolysis)


Numerical Investigation of Liquid–Solid Countercurrent Fluidization in a Solvent Extraction Column with an Expanding Tower Head.
Bo Liu, Zhongyuan Li, and Feng Xin
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2015, 54(1): 285-295

Fluidized countercurrent solvent extraction of oil pollutants from contaminated soil. Part 1: Fluid mechanics.
Bo Liu, Xingang Li, Zhongyuan Li, Hong Sui, and Hong Li
Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 2015, 94: 501-507

CFD modelling of particle shrinkage in a fluidized bed for biomass fast pyrolysis with quadrature method of moment.
Bo Liu, Konstantinos Papadikis, Sai Gu, Beatriz Fidalgo, Philip Longhurst, Zhongyuan Li, and Athanasios Kolios
Fuel Processing Technology, 2017, 164: 51-68

Thermodynamic Analysis of Glycerin Steam Reforming Thermodynamic Analysis of Glycerin Steam Reforming.
Xiaodong Wang, Shuirong Li, Hao Wang, Bo Liu, and Xinbin Ma
Energy & Fuels, 2008, 22: 4285-4291