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Alumni from the Department of History discuss why they chose to study here, how their degree has helped them with their careers, and what they are now doing.

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Photo of Luke Impett

That the Arts & Humanities are not a 'nice to have' - they are essential in understanding the world

Luke Impett BA History and Politics

Luke Impett discusses how his joint History and Politics degree helped shape the direction of his career after graduating, and what his role at Airbnb involves.

Photo of Ben Lockwood

Understand that university is a life experience, it's not just a learning one

Ben Lockwood BA History

Ben Lockwood describes the reasons behind why he decided to study History at Sheffield, including the fantastic music scene at the time. Ben also talks about his role at Ashford Borough Council, the projects he's been involved in with them, and how his degree has helped him in his leadership role.

Photo oThomas Woollard

If you're willing to put in the effort to experience new things, then you'll develop skills which will help you professionally

Thomas Woollard BA History

Thomas Woollard tells us about his role as a Marketing Executive at Taylor & Francis Group, managing 65 journals across a medicine and health portfolio. Tom also explains why he chose Sheffield for his History degree, and how the skills developed as a student have helped him in the world of Marketing.

Photo of Victoria Turton

Don't let anybody tell you that studying a degree in history isn't worthwhile. If it's a subject that you enjoy, you will make the most of it

Victoria Turton BA History

Victoria Turton talks about her role as an Investment Writer for Scottish Widows, as well as her work as a Freelance writer and editor.

Photo of Della Sewell

History gives you a very logical and reasoned approach. So I'm able to write well and express myself very well

Della Sewell BA History

Della Sewell explains how her History degree gave her skills that she uses in her role as Director of HR at Leicester College. This includes sitting on a senior management team, writing effective reports and keeping up to date with changes in legislation surrounding HR.

Photo of Jamie Inkles

I fell in love - the vibrancy of campus, the breadth of modules on offer, and a consistent first-place ranking for the Student Union

Jamie Inkles BA History

Jamie Inkles discusses how a deferred year after school gave him time to consider his options, and decide studying History at Sheffield was what he really wanted to do. He also explains what his role as a Policy Analyst at the Cystic Fibrosis Trusty involves.

Photo of Ross Bailey

I think studying history does inherently give you a focus on the big picture, the long view

Ross Bailey BA History

Ross Bailey let's us know why he chose the University Sheffield, tells us about his current role with Malaria No More UK. He also offers advice on making the most of your university experience and the importance of taking time to reflect on what you want to do following your degree.

Photo of Sally Fletcher

I really wanted to study something that could be applied widely to different sectors and jobs

Sally Fletcher BA History and English Literature; MA History

Sally Fletcher tells us about her role working for IQPC, which has allowed her to live and work in a number of different countries. Sally also highlights how skills developed through studying History are very important in her role, and enable her think critically and analyse large amounts of information.

Sally hosts the podcast 'The Guide To Getting Your First Job Abroad' - so do check it out if working abroad is something you're interested in pursuing!

Laura Billings Video Thumbnail

Dive in and take all and any opportunities that are offered to you... Just take the chance because you never know where it could take you

Laura Billings BA History

Laura Billings talks about her current role at ITV as a Resourcing Coordinator. Laura also highlights how her a year abroad in Australia, helped her step outside of her comfort zone and feel more confident.

HST - Joe Bear Thumbnail for alumni video profile

In terms of the skills and experience that I gained through my degrees and how they helped me, there's a lot

Joe Bear BA History; MA Historical Research

Joe Bear discusses the skills that both his BA and MA degrees gave him, as well as his experiences as a Student Ambassador. He highlights how they are now helping him in his current role within public affairs.

Photo of Josh Bates

Sheffield gave me a lot of flexibility in choosing a lot of different optional modules and the opportunity to do a year of employment experience

Josh Bates BA History & Politics with Employment Experience

Josh Bates talks about his year of employment experience he undertook as part of his degree, his time as Chair of History in the City and what his current role at DeHavilland involves.

Photo of Florence Williamson

One of the most valuable things I learned from studying history was the ability to contextualise why things matter

Florence Williamson BA History & Politics; MA Global History

Florence Williamson tells us about the skills she developed whilst studying for a BA and MA with us. She also explains what her role as a Press Officer within the Crown Prosecution involves.

Photo of Greg Ford

Employers are looking for evidence that you can work in lots of different situations and you've got a wide base of examples to tell them about

Greg Ford BA History

Greg Ford tells us a little about his current role at Pernod Ricard, and how gaining working experience in a variety of sectors whilst at university helped him clarify what he wanted to do after he'd completed his studies.

Photo of Adam Hawksbee

You've just got to put yourself in the path of interesting opportunities as often as you possibly can

Adam Hawksbee BA History & Politics

Adam Hawksbee explains how key skills developed through studying History and Politics are used consistently in his current role in local government.

Photo of Emily Bowes Alumni Video Profile Thumbnail

I would really recommend taking volunteering opportunities while you're at uni

Emily Bowes BA History; MA Medieval History

Emily Bowes tells us about how her time volunteering whilst at university influenced her decision to work in the charity sector and make a positive difference to people's lives.

Laurence Baxter Video Thumbnail

If you ever have an opportunity to work in another country, I would really, really recommend it

Laurence Baxter BA International History & International Politics

Laurence Baxter talks about working in the education sector, and what it's like to work internationally.

Photo of Chrissy Davison

Sheffield’s History department is well-respected and well-connected to the wider academic community in the UK and beyond

Chrissy Davison BA, MA, PhD History

Chrissy Davison explains why she chose to undertake her PhD with us, and tells us what she is doing now.

Photo of Ben Clarkson

History opens doors, it doesn't close them

Ben Clarkson BA History

Ben Clarkson tells us how he started working in the Charity Sector, and what motivates him in his work. He also explains how his History degree helped him become a Chartered Public Finance Accountant.

Photo of Kat Cowan

History has informed everything I do on a daily basis. It changes the way I view the news. It changes the way I analyse current events

Kat Cowan BA History

Kat Cowan talks about her passion for history, and how it has led to a successful career in broadcast journalism.

Photo of Beth Eyre

The department are welcoming of students from various backgrounds and want them to offer different perspectives on the History they are teaching

Beth Eyre BA History

Beth Eyre explains how her History degree has provided her with skills she uses in her role as the President of the University's Students' Union. She also explains her reasons for wanting to study history with us.

Photo of Myles Hanlon

As soon as I looked at the course, I could see the variety of modules that were on offer

Myles Hanlon BA History

Myles Hanlon talks about how attending an Open Day confirmed he'd like to study at Sheffield, and why he's passionate about pursuing a career addressing issues within the education system.

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