Mary Young

Department of History

Research student


Thesis title: 'De libris quos legere solebam'. Multi-text Manuscripts and the Accumulation and Transfer of Knowledge at Reichenau and St Gall in the Ninth Century.




Thesis abstract:

My main interest is in the strategies employed, consciously or unconsciously, by Carolingian scholars in the ninth century to rediscover, preserve and transmit knowledge.

The focus of my research is a group of multi-text manuscripts from St Gall and where possible, from Reichenau, which I am analysing in the context of other contemporary or near contemporary manuscripts to identify patterns of transmission and storage.

I am also interested in applying digital technology to this research.

  • PhD History, University of Sheffield, 2015 - present
  • MA Sheffield (Medieval History) 2013
  • MA Reading (Linguistic Science) 1978
  • PGCE (York) 1974
  • MA Oxon (German and French) 1972