Schools and colleges

The Department collaborates with schools in Sheffield and across the country in various ways, raising aspirations and helping teachers to enrich their students’ learning experience.

History undergraduates studying a newspaper

Make an enquiry

If you represent a school or college and would like to get involved with any of our initiatives, please fill in this form to make an enquiry.

Alternatively, get in touch using our contact details.

Videos for the classroom

We have a growing number of videos designed for use in the classroom, most conveniently accessed through our YouTube Channel.

If you have suggestions for a topic you would like to see covered in this way by one of our historians, please contact the department.

The University of Sheffield History Teacher Conference

Since 2013 we have hosted an regular History Teacher Conference during the summer.

This unique opportunity will give you the chance to meet professors and lecturers from the University of Sheffield, to refresh your subject knowledge and to learn how we've developed our teaching in recent years.

Annual Essay Prize Competition

We run an annual essay prize competition open to Year 12/Lower 6th students across the country.

Competition rules, deadlines and how to enter

Talking Heads

'Talking Heads' is the name of a scheme in which our historians 'skype' for 15 minutes into school classrooms, to answer questions about their specialisms, usually in connection with A-level work.

We also periodically run events for A-level students and their teachers, ranging from A2 workshops to CPD days for history teachers.

History in the City

Our students themselves organise History in the City, an outreach and mentoring project working with schools in and around Sheffield.

Visit the History in the City website

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