Conference Overview

The main conference will take place at Endcliffe at the University of Sheffield, on Monday 15th June, late afternoon, with a keynote speaker followed by dinner.  Tuesday will hold a series of keynote speakers and seminars and workshops.  Lunch will break up the day and the day will end with visits to local faith communities, dinner and an evening soiree.

Wednesday will consist of a keynote speaker and an afternoon tour out.  A round table discussion will be held before dinner with entertainment.

Thursday will be a series of talks and seminars with a celebratory dinner held in the evening.  The conference will close Friday morning after a keynote speaker.

There will be the opportunity to book a post conference study tour commencing Friday afternoon.

Pricing begins from £450, €540 and USD 650

Pre Conference

There will be a 24 hour pre-conference programme with four confirmed tracks—it is recommended to join one track, each track will be looking at Higher Education Chaplaincy plus one of the following:
- Research;
- Extremism;
- Spirituality;
- Empowerment.
More details on these tracks will follow.

This programme will begin on Sunday 14th June with arrivals at lunchtime. The pre-conference will commence late afternoon with dinner and a research showcase event. The following day there will be a series of workshops and a keynote speaker, with an opportunity to network over lunch. The main conference begins late afternoon Monday (15th June).

Groups or individuals wanting to contribute to these tracks or offer additional tracks can indicate this on the booking form or by getting in touch via