IACHE Conference Aims


IACHE aims that all its conferences will: 

- be hosted by an established National/Regional Association of

Chaplains or network of chaplains rather than by an individual

University / campus Chaplaincy Team;

- occur every four years;

- be inclusive and reflect the multi-faith and multi-cultural facets of

Chaplaincy in Higher Education throughout the world;

- not be restricted to Western / European / Christian contexts;

- have a theme and specific aims which reflect the culture of the host

region/country and the nature of Higher Education and tertiary

Chaplaincy of the host country / region;

- serve as a meeting space for the diverse people involved as

Chaplains in Higher Education.


IACHE aims that the conference’s physical, psychological and spiritual space should:

- encourage and create a sense of sharing and community;

- be a space in which chaplains can recognise the struggle to respect

religious and cultural differences and celebrate diversity;

- enable chaplains to understand and engage with one another from

the integrity of their own positions;

- enrich the profession by refining professional skills, developing

tools and resources appropriate to the profession, exchanging ideas and experience with one another encouraging the development of such endeavours worldwide;

- offer support through; gathering as a global community, celebrating common values and ideals, sharing stories, acknowledging differences

- extend our understanding of a contested and changing world by exploring the role of religion in higher and vocational education, universities, colleges and educational institutions, further developing community and multifaith understanding, increasing our commitment to spirituality which enables peace, justice, and an increased knowledge and acceptance of others.

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