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Local Planning Group, Sheffield

Sahar Koohbor and Shahla Meghrani    Baha’i
Sue Hubbard    Buddhism
Helena Roulston and Sabine Tenge-Heslop    Christianity
Lindsay van Dijk and Emily Wood    Humanism
Ameena Blake and Mohammad Ismail    Islam
Rabbi Golomb    Judaism
Surinder Dhillon    Sikhism

Pan-European Strategy Group

Andii Bowsher    Newcastle, England
Bernadette Purcell    Dublin, Ireland
Betti Gombkoto    Budapest, Hungary
Daniel Lichman    London, England
Harvey Belovski    London, England
Jeannette Bakker    Leiden, Netherlands
Laura Mäntylä    Helsinki, Finland
Marylee Anderson    Aberdeen, Scotland
Sarah Farrow London, England

Executive Committee—International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education

Jill Shaw    Aotearoa / New Zealand Campus Ministry Association
Jay Robinson    Tertiary Campus Ministry Association (Australia)
Robert Lingard    Tertiary Campus Ministry Association (Australia)
Shahla Meghrani (until 2021)    Baha’i Chaplaincy
Cass Howes    Conference of European University Chaplains
Günther Sturms    Conference of European University Chaplains
Christine Schardt    Conference of European University Chaplains
Mohammad Ismail (until 2022)    Muslim Chaplaincy
Jeremy Clines    2022 Conference Facilitator
Denise Yarbrough    National Association of College and University Chaplains: USA


Conference of European University Chaplains
Churches Higher Education Liaison Group (CHELG) for the UK
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield

Conference Administration Team

Jeremy Clines Conference Facilitator
Kathryn Fey-Beatson Conference Business Operations Coordinator
Rob Barnett Conference Support Worker

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