IACHE conference 2020, Sheffield, England.

The 6th global conference for chaplains in higher education will be held in Sheffield, England, over 5 days and 4 nights, from 15-19 June 2020. This follows on from our previous successful conferences in Vancouver (Canada) 2000; Brisbane (Australia) 2004; Tampere (Finland) 2008; New Haven (USA) 2012; and, Bendigo (Australia), 2016.

Liberty, Legacy, Leadership is the 2020 conference of the International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education (IACHE) and is hosted by the Conference of European University Chaplains (CEUC).

An invitation letter and invitation brochure to all interested in the conference are ready for download.

Sheffield is an inter-religious city with 70,000 students, and many others working in higher education. The conference setting is beautiful, secure, and well connected to airports, international rail and sea-ports. The conference cost has now been set with the cheapest rates starting from £450 inclusive of accommodation and food. We are also offering even lower scholarship rates for participants from the Majority World or for those of reduced financial means; there is a reduced student rate too.

The theme Liberty, Legacy, Leadership frames our exploration of how vibrant chaplaincies may contribute to university communities, asking:

- how academic freedom and religion and belief equalities intersect;
- what lessons must be learned from our learning and belief histories;
- what leadership styles—secular and religious—best suit our sector?