44 workshops and seminars, 14 panels and keynotes!

An outstanding response to the call for papers has led to a conference and pre-conference programme that includes 44 workshops and 14 keynotes and panels.

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Many esteemed individuals have offered to participate in our global chaplaincy in higher education conference. We want to release this information immediately so everyone can see what is planned and for which days. This is especially since sectional tickets as well as full conference tickets are available. See our advanced daily diary for more detailed timings.

Please note: we are following the situation about the global pandemic very carefully, take it with the utmost seriousness and recognise this is to be a conference for chaplaincy staff in higher education from all parts of the world. With this in mind we are closely monitoring the situation locally, across Europe and globally. We will make further announcements this week and next week as the situation develops.

On this page, you will find information about:


Tuesday morning

Topic Workshop leader/s
Hindu chaplaincy: lessons for inter-religious chaplaincies Vineet Chander
The inter-religious politics of being a chaplain James Walters
President Trump and the U.S.-Mexico border: understanding the human impact of immigration policy changes under the current U.S. administration Maggie Commins and Joey Haynes
Student minds: the mental health charter for UK universities Jenny Smith
Training Muslim chaplains: recommendations from a research project Mahmood Chandia

Walk-shop 1 (a walking conversational workshop):

Walking into wellbeing

Christine Gapes

Tuesday mid-day

Topic Workshop leader/s
Going Barefoot: A Dialogical Experiment in Human and Land Relating Janet Fuller and Sam Bailey

Ignite 1 (3x5-minute inputs plus dialogue):

Building leadership and combatting extremism: Hosea Kiprono Mitei poems to build a country

Community psychology as global change agent

‘In Christ alone’: denominational self-identity in 18-23 year olds

Pádraig Ó Tuama

Mabvuto Chipeta

Hannah Alderson

Campfire 1 (2x15-minute sessions plus Q&A):

Leading from difference: when students are not "congregants" or "members"

At the edge: pastoral care of the religious other

Monica Sanford

Ricky Waters

The Future of Muslim chaplaincy Panel 2

Walk-shop (a walking conversational workshop):

Magic moment

Christine Schardt

Tuesday afternoon

Topic Workshop leader/s

Campfire 2 (2x15 minute-sessions plus Q&A):

Chaplaincy to the Whole University: A Departmental Approach

Campus ministry, a call to an apostolate of presence, accompaniment and witness

Lynn Fowkes

Boniface Idoko

How can Buddhism adapt to make a significant contribution to higher education? Keith Munnings
A ministry of spiritual direction to a university? Andii Bowsher
Reconstructing chaplaincy according to different lights Panel 3
Responding to Self-Harm and Other Distressing Mental Health Presentations in Students and Staff Kate Harford

Walkshop (a walking conversation workshop):

Connecting to the earth and to each other: the draw of college women to earth-based religions

Amy Rio

Thursday morning

Topic Workshop leader/s

Campfire 3 (2x15-minute sessions plus Q&A):

The humanistic campfire

Making possible ‘campus conversations’ addressing ‘freedom of religious expression’

Niki van Houten

Ricky Waters

Campfire 4 (2x15-minute sessions plus Q&A):

Inclusions and freedom on campus

Inclusions and freedom on campus

Harvey Belovski

Simon O'Donoghue

Campfire 5 (2x15-minute sessions plus Q&A):

Getting the university's attention: communicating with an emergent suprahuman entity

Spiritual direction with emerging adults

Andii Bowsher

David E. MacDonald

Campfire 6 (2x15-minute sessions plus Q&A):

The power of student led ministry

Students serving students: training and bridge-building

Gladys Childs

Loretta Reynolds

De-problematising religious diversity: a university case James Walters
Engaging students: good, better, best Christine Gapes with (tbc)

Thursday afternoon

Topic Workshop leader/s

Campfire 7 (2x15-minute sessions plus Q&A):

Evangelism or listening and responding: issues of legality, acceptability, offence and need

University chaplaincies: a springboard for the gospel?

John Gibbens

Laurence Pusey

Free of time: the benefits of thinking eternally in day-to-day chaplaincy Robin Fishwick

Ignite 2 (3x5-minute inputs plus dialogue):

Keep calm and craft: coffee, crochet and choc chip cookies

Emotional and social intelligence for chaplains

Religion is optional, meaning is mandatory: facilitating programs for the unaffiliated

Fiona Souter

Mabvuto Chipeta

Monica Sanford

Mending the world: leadership models from campus and kibbutz Ron Robinson and Maya Galimidi
Mindfulness stitching for wellbeing Hogetsu Baerndal
Students AND chaplains as multi-faith learners Janet Fuller

Pre-conference sessions 

Empowerment (track 1)

Topic Session leader/s
Lessons in Chaplaincy Recruitment Harvey Belovski
‘Limping on the Road’: University Culture in the light of Disability Theology Hannah Alderson
Disability, Theology and Empowerment Jana Bennett
The Empowerment of Women in Chaplaincy Settings TBC

Extremism (track 2)

Topic Session leader/s
The UK’s PREVENT strategy: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for chaplaincies TBC
Understanding hate incidents and hate crimes TBC
Different approaches to intersectional hate incidents and hate crimes TBC
Islamaphobia and Chaplaincy responsiveness TBC
Anti-Semitism and Chaplaincy responsiveness TBC

Spirituality (track 3)

Topic Session leader/s
Spiritually accompanying a whole university Andii Bowsher
Poems to keep the chaplain's heart strong Pádraig Ó Tuama
The chaplain and the challenge of the apostolate of presence Boniface Idoko
Mindful exploration of all five senses Hogetsu Baerndal
Benedict on campus: spiritual practices for collegiate ministry David E. MacDonald

Research (track 4)

Topic Session leader/s
Chaplains on campus report 1  Kristin Aune
Chaplains on campus report 2 Kristin Aune
Lessons from Hindu chaplaincy development Vineet Chander
Campus chaplains and research: speaking higher education language  Monica Sanford

Keynote speakers

Topic Speaker/s Day
The situation of higher education chaplaincy and its future: a UK perspective Kristin Aune Monday
Interpreting the chaplaincy context: Irish / UK / European perspectives Pádraig Ó Tuama Monday
Chaplaincy, disability and embodied religion in a virtual world' Jana Bennett Tuesday
How chaplaincy spaces can make a real difference to a university's life and health Harold Koenig Tuesday
Colonial legacies, liberation in education, Brexit and the relevance of chaplaincy Anthony Reddie Wednesday
The future place of religion in peace-building and conflict resolution in the university Mohammed Abu-Nimer Thursday
Chaplaincy's relevance in plural contexts where "no religion" is a big bit of the mix Linda Woodhead with John Stokes Thursday
Do religion and belief identities inhibit or help the university—and vice versa? Grace Davie Thursday
The next four years: conference reflections Harvey Belovski with Jana Bennett Friday


Topic Day
Borders of our lives: how difference, boundaries and borders impact how we engage within and between learning communities and local communities
The future of Muslim chaplaincy Tuesday
Reconstructing chaplaincy according to different lights Tuesday
Peaceful campus dialogue in times of conflict Wednesday
Putting religion and belief on the university agenda, builds peace and liberation Thursday

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