Conference overview

The conference and pre-conference programme has been under wraps until today. Now, we want to share a brief overview of the programme.

The Edge building from the front.

Pre-conference information 

IACHE 2020 will launch with a 24 hour pre-conference programme, beginning on the Sunday afternoon. The pre-conference will feature four tracks — it is recommended to join one track, but it is also possible to move between tracks. Each track will be consider Higher Education Chaplaincy plus one of the following:

  • Extremism
  • Empowerment
  • Research
  • Spirituality

Main conference information

The main conference will begin at The Edge at the University of Sheffield on Monday 15th June. Proceedings will begin late afternoon, with a keynote speaker followed by dinner. 

Tuesday will include a pair of keynote speakers, along with participant presentations, workshops and seminars. The day will end with visits to local faith communities, dinner and evening entertainment.

Wednesday will consist of a keynote speaker and optional afternoon tours. A round table discussion panel will take place prior to dinner and there will be an evening networking marketplace.

Thursday will include a series of keynote speakers, workshops and presentations. The focus will be on religion and belief in the university, with a celebratory dinner held in the evening.

The conference closes on Friday after a keynote reflection and closing events.

Events at the University

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