Sohaib Ahmad


Sohaib graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2011 with a PhD in Civil and Structural Engineering.

I am doing PhD in civil and structural engineering at Sheffield university and currently I am in my second year. Sheffield University is highly ranked in engineering disciplines, especially in the field of civil and structural engineering both in terms of research and taught courses. This repute is evident from many university rankings present where Sheffield University is always seen among the top universities.

The city where university is located plays important role in selecting a university. The city of Sheffield is centrally located in the U.K. and is very close to the cities like Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds etc. As compare to other cities of U.K. Sheffield is among the cheapest cities in terms of living cost. The city has a very beautiful landscape and is very green and secure. There are lot of worth seeing places in the vicinity of Sheffield. The city has good opportunities for students who want to do part time jobs and even after their graduation. All the things are with in reach, as the campus is located very near to the city center. In Sheffield there is some thing for every body, nice cinemas, big shopping malls like Meadowhall, gyms and many more. I am very much satisfied with my decision of choosing Sheffield as the city offers many benefits for student life.
When choosing a university for doing PhD many other things besides its location needs to be considered like the laboratory facilities for experiments, library facilities, research group achievements, computing facilities, supervisor. From my one year experience I have found Sheffield University the best in all these respects. Information Common is one of the most significant facility at University of Sheffield, provides 24 hours access to library and IT facilities The university has great sporting facilities and has a very active student union, which hold all sorts of regular events for the students.

There is a big Pakistani community in Sheffield and you do not feel like you are out of your country. All the Pakistani students among themselves and with other nationality students holds regular events like cricket, get togethers and trips to different places in U.K. . Another good thing is that there are so many Pakistani restaurants from where you can enjoy all type of Pakistani dishes at very reasonable prices.

I am very much satisfied with my decision to do my PhD at Sheffield University and I strongly believe that this experience and exposure will give me a lot of help in my life and professional career.