Entry requirements

Our staff are very familiar with the education systems of different EU countries, and we accept country-specific qualifications from most EU member states for entry to both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

For those applying at undergraduate level, we even have an EU qualifications table, showing you what A Level entry requirements your qualifications are equivalent to.

Academic requirements

Undergraduate courses

The entry requirements for our undergraduate degree programmes vary, depending on the particular course being applied for. Use our undergraduate course finder to find out the specific requirements for your course.

EU equivalencies for the standard UK qualifications can be found in the EU qualifications table.

Postgraduate taught courses

For entry onto a postgraduate taught course, applicants are normally required to hold a good bachelor’s degree.

The precise requirements vary according to department, so use the course finder on our postgraduate taught course page to find out the specific requirements for your course.

The Sheffield MBA

For entry onto an MBA, applicants are normally required to hold a good bachelor’s degree, have 3-5 years of post-graduation work experience, and be at least 25 years old.

More detailed information on the entry requirements can be found on the Sheffield MBA webpages.

Postgraduate research courses

For entry onto a postgraduate research programme, applicants are normally required to hold good bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Exceptional candidates may be considered for postgraduate research without a master’s level qualification.

For more detailed information on the entry requirements, please contact the relevant department directly.

English language requirements

Students enjoy improving their English language skills in our English Language Teaching CentreIf English is not your first language, you will be required to provide evidence that you are proficient in written and spoken English, normally demonstrated by a minimum of IELTS 6, or an equivalent level in another of our accepted English language qualifications for undergraduate or postgraduate study.

Alternatively, if you are applying to one of our postgraduate programmes, and your first degree was taught in English, this is usually considered a relevant English language qualification.

Most academic departments are able to make conditional offers to applicants who do not meet the English language requirements when they apply for an academic programme, on the condition that the required level is achieved between the offer being made and the start of the course.

The University’s English Language Teaching Centre provides long and short term English preparation programmes for those needing to improve their English before the start of their course.