Sheffield students on...applying to the University

Fanni, Hungary

I did not have to attend an interview when I applied to my architecture course at the University. Since I am a Hungarian student, the fact that I didn't have to fly to England for an interview was highly appreciated. I applied through UCAS and then I needed to send my portfolio to the university via email. I received a step-by-step illustrated guide about what the portfolio should look like. The amount of care that had been invested in this guide showed me how much the University of Sheffield cares about both its prospective and current students. After all, I found it very easy to apply to the university.

Fanni, BA Architecture, Hungary

I found the application process very straightforward as it was all done through UCAS and the guidelines and entry requirements were all clearly stated on the University website. Once I had received an offer I was immediately invited to an open day. As an international student I couldn't make the open day dates and the University kindly offered to provide a campus tour run by one of the student ambassadors when suitable for me. When I came to the open day, I was impressed by the warm welcome and enthusiasm I received. Overall, everyone was very helpful throughout the process and made choosing the University of Sheffield over other universities easy.

Elina, BA Business Management, Finland

Elina, Finland
Andrei, Romania

Applying to university in the UK doesn't get any easier then applying through UCAS...or cheaper. If you take the time to read all the instructions, you will be done applying in less than a week. A piece of advice for you, my dear reader, would be not to trust or use any of the companies that offer applications aid services, for the simple fact that you do not need them. Another thing worth mentioning is that, when I applied, Sheffield was the only university to ask me about my diplomas and competitions I took part in, which is something I really appreciated.

Andrei, MEng Aerospace Engineering, Romania

The application process for me was very easy - I just filled in the UCAS form. Make sure you get a good mark in your English certificate and a good mark in your high school diploma - everything else should be a piece of cake. But beware of the waiting stress! There are a few months which you spend just waiting for a response - don't worry about it too much, the University's decision won't come any faster.

Polina, BA Journalism Studies, Bulgaria

Polina, Bulgaria
Catalina, Romania

Before applying to University I went on an open day which was really useful in making my final decision. The students in charge of showing us around were really friendly and helpful in answering any questions I had. It was great to talk to current students and see the facilities in person. The application process was also straightforward with lots of information available to complete the stages.

Catalina, MA Leadership and Management, Romania

I found the application system surprisingly easy to handle, though there was some old school paperwork tied to it - I guess that's part of the excitement of applying for any university. The online system for applications is easy to access and gives you all or most of the information you need prior to starting and you have access to those records even after you've started. I did not go to an open day event but the website does have loads of information, videos and even a 360-degree campus tour now, so don't worry if you live too far away.

Monika, MA Material Culture Studies, Estonia

Monika, Estonia
Magdalena, Germany

Ultimately, you should go with what feels right. I would definitely recommend attending open days, even if it means a bit of traveling around Europe. Choosing a University is a big decision and you want to make sure you get it right. In the end, I chose Sheffield because I felt like I was not just a number to the admissions team.

Magdalena, BA International Relations and Politics, Germany

I applied to University through UCAS. The process was smooth without many bureaucracies - I just had to get the right grades to enter my course. The open days specifically for your course are really useful because they give you a good insight on what to expect, and it helped me making my decision.

Carmen, BA Modern Languages, Portugal

Carmen, Portugal
Alexandra, Greece

I followed a really simple procedure, by applying through the University of Sheffield's website. Professors were very helpful in providing me with all the information I needed and the rest of it (as soon as I gathered all necessary documents), is history!

Alexandra, MSc Data Science, Greece

The applying process for Architecture was straightforward - three A-levels and a set of drawings (portfolio). The entire process didn't take long, making it easy for people from EU to apply. Also thanks to the fact I could submit the portfolio online I could save some cash on travelling expenses.

Adam, BA Architecture, Poland

Adam, Poland
Paula, Malta

I had applied quite late so I had missed the open day and interview process. However the application process was very easy. I had sent in my portfolio and the course administrator was very efficient in keeping me updated with its progress.

Paula, MA Landscape Architecture, Malta