Sibling and Spouse Rewards

Please note this scholarship will not be continuing after September 2018

We are committed to rewarding the loyalty of students who have a sibling (e.g. brother or sister) or spouse (e.g. husband or wife) currently studying at this University.

Rewards worth £1,500 per year of study are available for all spouses and siblings of current students for all years of study. Students must be classified as overseas for fee purposes and commencing their studies at Sheffield.

Sibling and Spouse Rewards can be awarded in addition to University of Sheffield Scholarships. Please look at the information provided for students from your own country to see the scholarships which may be available to you:

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Sibling and Spouse Rewards Terms and Conditions

Sibling and Spouse Rewards Terms & Conditions

Please note that the terms and conditions below only apply to students beginning their studies at the University after 21 September 2015 and before 29 September 2019.

The Sibling & Spouse Reward is worth £1,500 per year of study.

In order to qualify for a Sibling & Spouse Reward you must:

• Be starting a new undergraduate or postgraduate course at the University of Sheffield after 21 September 2015 and before 29 September 2019.
• Be self-funding and classed as `overseas´ for fee purposes and,
• Have a brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, husband or wife who are currently studying here (or starting their studies at the same time as you).
• Only one Alumni reward OR Sibling and Spouse Reward can be awarded per person. Both the Alumni reward and the Sibling and Spouse reward cannot be provided simultaneously.
• For PGR students the Alumni/Sibling and Spouse reward can only be awarded for each year tuition fees are paid, no discounts or payments will be issued in writing up periods.
• The alumni reward is not applicable during any year(s) abroad or year(s) in industry.
• Students of Distance Learning courses are eligible for a relative proportion of the standard full sibling and spouse reward discount based on the fees of the DL course in relation to the full-time version of the same course. If a full-time equivalent is not available a similar course from the same department will be used.
• You must apply for a discount either prior to starting your course or in your first year, there will be no retrospective discounts applied.

We may request to see a marriage or birth certificate (or a copy of) in order to approve your application.

Sibling & Spouse Rewards can be awarded in addition to University of Sheffield International Scholarships.

The Sibling & Spouse Reward will be deducted from your tuition fees.

If you think you qualify for this reward please email