I have enjoyed every day so far!

Student Christian standing in the Diamond
Christian Orozco
BEng Civil Engineering
Winner of an Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
“With all the support from the University and a city like Sheffield, life here is enjoyable!”

What made you choose to study at Sheffield and your course?

I have always wondered how our world is structured through the combination of materials and mechanics. It is simply astonishing to contemplate the world of civil and structural engineering. I have always wanted to push the boundaries of the field and hopefully use my knowledge someday to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

After doing some extensive research, I thought the University of Sheffield was an ideal school for me. I based my research off different factors such as university rankings, research potential, teaching criteria and methods, and student support. After reading extensively about Sheffield, I saw that it was in the top 40 for Engineering, most, if not all their research was internationally recognised, and the Students’ Union was number 1 in the UK for a few years running. With these parameters met, I knew that studying at the University of Sheffield would help me to reach my goals and allow me to dream big. 

How did you research the University to find out about studying in Sheffield?

My first point of contact was with a University representative who explained the different aspects of Sheffield in an event in Toronto, Canada. I began by asking how courses were assessed, the standard of the professors, and how the University treated their students. I read through the undergraduate booklet and visited the website multiple times to make sure the labs were state of the art and that the University was on the right path with their research. It was exciting to hear that some professors from the University of Sheffield were being interviewed in Canada as well. Lastly, to make sure I was getting an objective point of view, I contacted the department directly to ask for all the points that mattered to me such as research potential, university rankings, and student support.

What was your initial impression of Sheffield and the University when you first arrived?

I thought it was a small city, mostly fuelled by university students and I loved that aspect of it. It felt very much like a university city. People are friendly and polite, and everyone cares for students. It was exciting to be in the city and it felt like a place I would want to live in. The Peak District is astonishing, and it is well worth multiple visits there. I love how I can walk anywhere in the city and feel safe at all times.

What are the highlights of your experience in Sheffield so far?

It is difficult to pin point one thing because the whole experience has been great. I think one of the highlights was getting to know other students and becoming instant friends with them. Having lectures with experts who are enthusiastic about every detail of their field is fantastic. Also, a hike in the Peak District was quite a surreal experience as well. I have enjoyed every day so far!

What would you say to a student considering studying at the University of Sheffield?

There is no doubt that the University is ranked incredibly well and is one where you will get the best education possible. Studying can be challenging, but there is also plenty of help and support from both professors and the University services. There are plenty of activities to do as well within the University which helps in finding a nice community of friends. Also, there is amazing nightlife in the city, as well as a great national park only a bus ride away from the city.

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