Training hosted by ITN-MIMIC.


The MIMIC individual research projects are an integral part of MIMIC´s training philosophy and follow the idea of training through research. All research projects are designed as tight collaboration between all three MIMIC full-participants contributing different expertise to the project.

In addition to individual research projects MIMIC provides network-wide experimental training by establishment of experimental training stations reflecting the expertise of the consortium and performed at the principal investigators laboratories.

These training stations can be combined in a modular manner to design a fellow specific experimental training. The training stations covers disciplines like Cell Biology, Engineering and Drug Development. 

Experimental training stations (A-G)

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Cell Biology

  • A. Genome editing/protein/protein interaction (USHEF)
  • B. Molecular celullar imaging (USHEF)
  • C. Developmental biologoy (USHEF.MIME)


  • D. Microfabrication (USHEF IC)
  • E. Organ on a chip/microfluidics (MIME)

Drug development

  • F. High-throughput screening (GALA)
  • G. Drug target validation (GALA)

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