Jeremy Dawson speaks at an NHS Race and Health Observatory conference

Professor Jeremy Dawson spoke at the conference on Health, Race and Racism hosted by the NHS Race and Health Observatory.

A large number of people seated in a large auditorium.

At the conference held on 7th and 8th July 2022, Professor Jeremy Dawson, Professor of Health Management at Sheffield University Management School, spoke in a plenary session about the effect of discrimination on health workers.

He spoke about his research showing that a perceived lack of equal opportunities in the NHS has negative effects for both staff and patient health, as well as poor patient satisfaction. He discussed how inclusion of minority members on recruitment panels is linked to substantially more applications for minority applicants.

The conference was a hybrid conference with keynote speakers from many different countries and a mix of academics and practitioners. It was attended by around 2000 people internationally, including most senior figures from national and local NHS organisations.

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