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Studying at the Institute of Work Psychology

Benefit from IWP’s first class teaching and world-leading academic staff by studying with us on one of our Masters programmes or for a PhD.

Our MSc programmes are designed to provide both the practical skills and academic understanding that will help you to move forward with your career. Our longest standing programme (Occupational Psychology MSc) has been running for more than 40 years and we have a thriving alumni network and contacts within relevant industries.

IWP's Masters programmes:

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PhD study (research degrees):

IWP has a long history of developing PhD students who go on to have very successful careers in both academia and practice. We are interested in receiving new applications that link directly to our research areas.

Prospective students are strongly advised to read information relating to our research themes and to look at the individual web pages of IWP members to ensure proposals match our research expertise.
Research degrees are offered to graduates in Psychology and Management and from graduates whose initial training has been in other relevant disciplines.

Visit the Management School’s research degree pages to find out more.

Student testimonials

We've collected testimonials from some of IWP's alumni - below is a sample, click here to read all of them.


Jessica Pickard IWP SheffieldJessica Pickard (graduated 2015)

I have really enjoyed the broad range of modules within my course, enabling me to gain an insight into the different areas of Occupational Psychology and experience its diverse and applicable nature.

The interactive and practical element of the lectures have been stimulating and inspiring, and helped develop my communication and critical thinking skills whilst increasing my knowledge and understanding of the field. My course has been invaluable for my career and I'm currently working as a Psychologist at the College of Policing.

Meera Shah IWP SheffieldMeera Shah (graduated 2012)

The theoretical knowledge I gathered, coupled with the practical skill development, is what I loved about this course and I feel it has given me a lot of confidence in my current role as a Research Associate for a boutique consultancy firm, OE Cam LLP.

The vibrant discussions during course lectures, where we had the opportunity to challenge other students and staff, enriched our understanding of the range of topics covered. Additionally the various practical workshops, the group project and the thesis project where we were able to work in a commercial business setting, allowed us to develop more practical and transferrable skills.

Despite being a demanding course, the friendly, open and supportive nature of the academic and support staff at the IWP make the experience an enjoyable and rewarding one.

IWP Shauna CoyleShauna Coyle (graduated 2009)

My connection with the IWP has been invaluable to me in building a career as an occupational psychologist in the UK and Ireland. In this field, your network is everything and the staff/student alumni network from IWP is more extensive than most due to its long history and strong reputation.

IWP has a great sense of collegiality, facilitated by small class sizes and one-to-one relationships with staff. Although the course was demanding, it was also practical, interactive and (dare I say it?) kind of fun! We worked hard and played hard and some of my classmates from that year have remained friends for life. I would highly recommend this MSc for anyone who is serious about pursuing a long-term career in the field.


Hector Madrid IWPHector Madrid, PhD (graduated 2015)

Sheffield is a fantastic place to study, work and live. It is very student friendly city, and my positivity about it extends beyond the University – the city offers a wonderful all-round quality of life. In my time here, I have connected with people in education and outside – Sheffield is magic. It has good people, a beautiful environment and, to top it all, an excellent University.

Being a PhD student at Sheffield University Management School is very challenging. You are learning a lot, and you must make the most of working with important people in your field such as world leaders in your field. The Management School has world-leading academics on my subject, such as Professor Peter Warr in the Institute of Work Psychology (IWP).

The IWP is a great group of people within the Management School. They have a strong global reputation and a strong sense of community – it is a world-class institute.

Caroline Knight IWP SheffieldCaroline Knight (graduated 2017)

I received my PhD in December 2016 following a very developmental and rewarding three years in IWP. My love of academia came after I studied for a Masters degree in Research Methods in Psychology in 2011 (University of Hertfordshire).

I was delighted to gain ESRC funding to study for a PhD in IWP, renowned for its high quality teaching and research, and found the department to be very warm, friendly and supportive. PhD study is not without its challenges, but my PhD supervisors were wonderfully supportive and developmental. I also thoroughly enjoyed all the academic (and social!) conversations I had with other IWP members, both staff and PhD colleagues. I really feel that I developed my knowledge and skills enormously, with plenty of opportunities for taking part in numerous activities, such as training, teaching, conferences, other research activities besides my PhD, and internships.

Tom Calvard (graduated 2010)

Before my PhD I completed an MSc at the Institute of Work Psychology (IWP) and a BSc in Psychology at the University of Liverpool. I found doing a PhD at IWP to be an extremely supportive, collegiate environment, where a close-knit community of researchers could freely exchange and develop ideas. Since finishing, I have taught and researched work psychology and HR in academic positions at London School of Economics (LSE) Management School and the University of Edinburgh Business School.

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