Core Facilities

The Medical School possesses a wide range of up-to-date equipment to enable us to service an internationally leading research organisation. These facilities are available for collaborative projects as well as contract research.


Sheffield Biorepository
The biorepository is a fully compliant, safe and secure, storage facility for all human tissues. It offers help and advice to facilitate compliance with Human Tissue Authority guidelines, and provides tissue banking cryostorage areas.

cytometeryFlow Cytometry
This facility boasts 4 analysers. The LSRII has 4 lasers with 13 immunofluorescent detectors and the Attune Autosampler can load samples from 96 well plates. There are also 2 cell sorters, the most recent acquisition being the BDFACSMelody, which users can be trained to process samples.


Genomics Core Facility
This facility offers high throughput cap-sequencing on an ABI 3730/48 platform, microsatellite and snp genotyping; and houses two ABI 7900 platforms, offering RT-PCR and phenotyping of mRNA by TaqMan. Genomics Facility (Legacy site).


This facility consists of an Agilent 2100 bioanalyser to examine RNA integrity and concentration and an Affymetrix Gene Chip hybridisation system allowing us to offer a range of expression and SNP array analysis. Gene Chip expression arrays are now available for a large number of organisms.


High Throughput Robotic Screening
This facility consists of two highly specialised Genetix robots, Q-bot and MegaPix, that are able to perform a variety of liquid handling, colony picking and re-arraying (cherry picking) routines.This system is capable of processing thousands of samples per day.

Microscope Lab

Microscopy Facility
The core Microscopy facilities in the Medical School provide a comprehensive biological imaging service to all departments.

Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Core
The Bioinformatics Core provides Bioinformatics analysis and consulting service to all departments and also offers a comprehensive program of training courses.

Other Facilities


skelet.AL (former Bone Analysis lab)
The bone analysis lab was established in 2003 to provide members of the Musculoskeletal theme and academics throughout the medical school with access to contemporary approaches to analysing bone.