Industrial Partners

Our students work directly with industrial partners to address some of the most complex challenges within materials.

"The Advanced Metallic Systems CDT Programme is considered an exceptional source of technical expertise, facilities, and crucially, future specialists for industry and academia to ensure that the UK has a vibrant, broad-based, collaborative, and resilient metallics sector now and into the future."

Matthew Lunt

Principle Scientist | DSTL 

Our Industrial Partners


For sustainable aerospace.

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For research into advanced machining, manufacturing and materials, which is of practical use to industry.

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Research for aerospace applications.

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To cut emissions in the energy sector. 

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British Steel

Improvement in steel manufacturing. 

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Development and manufacturing of high value-added aluminium products and solutions. 

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Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Fusion energy research to address climate change through safe and sustainable low-carbon energy. 

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The science inside UK defence and security. 

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Element Materials Technology

Working across aerospace, construction, energy, environmental, industrial, life sciences, technology, and transportation. 

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Designing and developing core technology for commercial applications in heating, cooling, and power generation. 

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For advanced fuel concepts. 

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Impression Technologies

Cost-effective and sustainable light-weighting in ultra high strength aluminium for electric vehicles, aircraft, and other structural components. 

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Innoval Technology

For process improvement and materials development.

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Johnson Matthey

Catalysing the net-zero transition.

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Liberty Steel Group

Creating an economically and environmentally sustainable future for the global metals industry. 

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Luxfer MEL Technologies

For innovative solutions in material technology. 

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National Nuclear Laboratory

Research into nuclear science for societal benefits. 

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For global manufacturing and recycling of aluminium.

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For solutions for enhanced performance through advanced materials, surface engineering, and polymer processing. 

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Research into magnesium and mineral extract for health applications. 

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Primetals Technologies

Green steel for a zero-carbon world. 

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Pro Stainless Designs

For the research and development of higher-performance stainless-steel finishes. 

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For the societal transition to a low-carbon economy through transforming the potential of technology. 

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For engineering advancements through continuously innovating smarter solutions.

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Sheffield Forgemasters

For casting and forging solutions. 

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Research for healthcare applications. 

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UK Atomic Energy Authority

Research into the commercial viability of fusion energy. 

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VBC Group

For welding and brazing solutions. 

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Volkswagen Group

For continuous R&D in the automotive sector.

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Research from smart appliances for the home through to energy solutions for the next generation. 

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"The blend of academic study and industrial interface offered to a student under the Advanced Metallic Systems CDT Programme gives them a superb understanding of the technical, theoretical, and commercial aspects of innovation. The AMS CDT Programme allows them to work with companies to understand constraints, timescales, and business decision making processes, whilst developing highly marketable technical skills within a university."

A. Kevin Parkin

Chairman | Parkin Limited