Our talented scientists at the Neuroscience Institute are united under one goal – to unlock the mysteries of the nervous system and halt, prevent or reverse neurological conditions that can have debilitating effects on patients and their families. Get in touch to collaborate or find out more.


Professor Dame Pamela Shaw
Professor Dame Pamela Shaw, Professor of Neurology and Consultant Neurologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, and the Director of the NIHR Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre

Professor Dame Pamela Shaw

Professor of Neurology

Neurodegeneration, motor neurone disease, improvement of patient care, gene therapy, drug development, screening methodology, clinical trials, genetics of motor neurone disease

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Research theme leads

Professor Mimoun Azzouz

Professor of Translational Neuroscience

Gene therapy, viral-based gene transfer systems, therapeutic strategies, neurodegenerative diseases

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Walter Marcotti

Professor Walter Marcotti

Professor of Sensory Neuroscience
Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator

Development and function of mammalian cochlear hair cells

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Eleni Vasilaki profile photo

Professor Eleni Vasilaki

Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Neural Engineering

Computational neuroscience, neural engineering, synaptic plasticity, unsupervised and reinforcement learning

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Translational neuroscience

James Alix

Dr James Alix

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Neurophysiology

Diagnosis, disease monitoring, electrophysiological techniques, perinatal brain injury

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Scott Allen

Dr Scott Allen

Lecturer in Neuroscience

Energy generation pathways of the CNS (central nervous system), metabolic pathway, metabolic response to cellular stress, metabolic response to ageing

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Professor Oliver Bandmann

Professor Oliver Bandmann

Professor of Movement Disorders Neurology

Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Wilson disease, dystonia, mitochondrial dysfunction, mitochondrial biomarkers

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Dr Ivana Barbaric

Senior Lecturer in Stem Cell Biology

Mitochondrial-based diseases and disease modeling using human pluripotent stem cells, regenerative medicine approaches to degenerative diseases

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Dr Daniel Blackburn

Senior Lecturer in Neurology

Post-stroke dementia, diagnostic tests, electroencephalography (EEG), conversation analysis

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Beining Chen

Professor Beining Chen

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Use of computer aided molecular design and combinatorial chemistry to facilitate drug design and molecular recognition studies.

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Dr Mark Collins

Dr Mark Collins

Senior Lecturer in Biological Mass Spectrometry

Neurodegeneration, motor neurone disease, neuroproteomics, clinical proteomics, mass spectrometry

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John Cooper-Knock

Dr Jonathan Cooper-Knock

NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Neurology

Genetic variants of motor neurone disease, C9ORF72 gene, gene expression profiling, hybridisation technique

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Suman De

Dr Suman De

SITraN fellow

Neurodegeneration, disease mechanism, protein aggregation and spread, development of biomarkers, super-resolution and single-molecule imaging

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Professor Kurt De Vos

Professor in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

Mechanisms of neuronal cell death, axonal transport, mitochondria and ER/mitochondria contacts, and protein homeostasis/autophagy

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Dr Mark Dickman

Professor Mark Dickman

Professor of Biological Mass Spectrometry

Mechanisms of gene expression, biomanufacturing and characterisation of therapeutics, proteomics, bioanalytics, post-translational modifications, mass spectrometry

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Laura Ferraiuolo

Professor Laura Ferraiuolo

Professor of Translational Neurobiology

Glia, gene therapy, interaction between astrocytes and oligodendrocytes

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Dr Andrew Grierson

Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience

Regulation of axonal transport, vertebrate models of neurodegeneration

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Dr Noémie Hamilton

Junior Fellow in Neuroinflammation

Neuroinflammation, Microglia, Zebrafish models of white matter disorders, MRI

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Guillaume Hautbergue

Dr Guillaume Hautbergue

Senior Lecturer in Translational Neuroscience

RNA dysregulation, pathophysiology, neuroprotective therapies

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Dr Channa Hewamadduma

Consultant Neurologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Neuro genetics, clinical and cellular biomarker search in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, Phase II and III clinical trials Neuromuscular and motor neuronal disorders.

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Dr Robin Highley

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Neuropathology

Neuropathology and pathophysiology of neurodegeneration

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Dr Esther Hobson

NIHR Lecturer in Neurology

Clinical care, telehealth, symptomatic excess saliva, patient experience

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Izzy Jayasinghe profile

Dr Izzy Jayasinghe

Senior Lecturer

Clinical super-resolution microscopy, calcium signalling, pain sensory neurons, nanoscale optical diagnostics

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Sherif El-Khamisy profile image

Professor Sherif el Khamisy

Professor of Molecular Medicine

Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair

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Janine Kirby

Professor Janine Kirby

Professor of Neurogenetics

Genetics of motor neurone disease, gene expression profiling, pathogenic mechanisms of neurodegeneration

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Matthew Livesey profile

Dr Matthew Livesey

Research Fellow

Physiological dysfunction associated with neurological disease, electrophysiology, human stem cell technology, oligodendrocyte function

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Dr Jennifer MacRitchie

Senior Research Fellow

Dementia, music, skill acquisition

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Professor Arshad Majid

Professor of Cerebrovascular Neurology

Translational cerebrovascular disease, ischaemic preconditioning, large animal (ovine) models of stroke, clinical outcomes research, clinical trials, stroke epidemiology, translational bioengineering

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Dr Matteo De Marco

Lecturer in Neuroscience of Dementia

Neuroimaging, cognitive functioning, Alzheimer's disease, normal ageing, cognitive stimulation, effect of genetic polymorphisms on neural structure and function, machine-learning diagnostic classification

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Professor Christopher McDermott

Professor Christopher McDermott

Professor of Translational Neurology

Improvement of patient care, mechanisms of neurodegeneration, motor neurone disease, hereditary spastic paraplegia

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Dr Alisdair McNeill

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Genetics (INSIGNEO)

Genetic cause of neurological disorders, phenotyping, clinical genetics testing

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Richard Mead STAFF

Dr Richard Mead

Senior Lecturer in Translational Neuroscience

CNS drug discovery, preclinical models of neurodegeneration, translational biomarkers NRF2-ARE pathway, neuroinflammation.

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Ivan Minev

Professor Ivan Minev

Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Bioelectronic interfaces, neural implants, electrode arrays, 3D printing, soft and conductive biomaterials

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Dr Heather Mortiboys in lab

Professor Heather Mortiboys

Professor of Cellular Neuroscience and Metabolism

Mitochondrial function, DNA, morphology, recycling, Parkinson’s Disease

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Ke Ning

Dr Ke Ning

Senior Lecturer in Translational Neuroscience

Viral vector-mediated gene therapy, stem cell strategies, PTEN/PI3 Kinase pathway, in vitro and in vivo neuronal survival

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profile photo Prof Robert Perneczky

Professor Robert Perneczky

Professor of Translational Dementia Research 

Alzheimer’s Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia, fluid biomarkers, neuroimaging, dementia prevention, early diagnosis, disease-modifying treatments

Dr Tenore Ramesh

Lecturer in Neuroscience

Upstream events in motor neurone disease, protein misfolding, pathogenic processes of neuronal death

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Dr Jessica Redgrave

Consultant in Stroke Neurology

Carotid plaque instability, red blood cell membrane cholesterol, delays in seeking medical assistance for strokes and TIA

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Professor Markus Reuber

Professor of Clinical Neurology

Non-epileptic attack disorder (NEAD), psychosocial and neuropsychological aspects of epilepsy, doctor-patient communication

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Professor Ipsita Roy

Professor Ipsita Roy

Professor of Biomaterials

Natural Polymers of bacterial origin and their use in medical and environmentally friendly applications.

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Dr Dinesh Selvarajah

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Diabetes

Advanced magnetic resonance neuroimaging in diabetic neuropathy. Central and peripheral biomarkers for peripheral neuropathy. Phase 2B and 3 clinical trials

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Dr Tatyana Shelkovnikova

MND Association Senior Non-Clinical Fellow

RNA metabolism in MND, RNA-protein complexes (granules) in MND, stress granules, paraspeckles, RNA-focussed drug discovery

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Julie Simpson profile

Dr Julie Simpson

Senior Lecturer in Neuropathology

Neuroinflammation, age-associated white matter pathology, immunohistological characterisation, gene expression profiling

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Dr Rosie Staniforth

Lecturer in Biochemistry

Molecular mechanism of amyloid formation, therapeutic intervention in Alzheimer's disease, Protein body formation in ALS, protein biochemistry, spectroscopy, structural biology

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Su Li

Professor Li Su

Professor of Neuroimaging

Innovative and original computational methods and state-of-the-art brain imaging techniques to understand, detect and develop treatments for neurological and psychiatric conditions.

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Anestis Tsakiridis

Dr Anestis Tsakiridis

Fellow in Stem Cell Biology

Spinal cord/peripheral nervous system development, in vitro differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells, disease modelling, cell replacement

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Dr Alison Twelvetrees

Fellow in Neurobiology

Microtubule transport machinary, neuronal trafficking, mechanisms of neurodegeneration.

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Dennis Wang profile photo

Dr Dennis Wang

Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Genomic Medicine

Genomic diagnostics, pharmaco-genomics, patient stratification strategies, multi-omics integration, machine learning prediction of drug combinations, probabilistic modeling of treatment response

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Ryan West profile

Dr Ryan West

SITraN Fellow, Alzheimer's Society Fellow

Drosophila models of Neurodegeneration, Frontotemporal Dementia, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson's Disease

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Professor Stephen Wharton

Professor of Neuropathology

Pathology of brain ageing, pathology of neurodegenerative disease, dementia, astrocytes, neurones and endothelium in the neurovascular unit, white matter pathology

Professor Wharton

Professor Stuart Wilson

Professor of Genetics

Fundamental mechanisms of human gene expression and their misregulation in disease.

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Dr Jonathan Wood

Lecturer in Neuroscience

Neuroinflammation, age-associated white matter pathology, immunohistological characterisation, gene expression profiling

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Computational and systems neuroscience

Dr Asha Akram

Lecturer in Psychology

Neurodegenerative disorders, cell death following ischaemic stroke, targets for pharmacological treatment, rehabilitation therapy, clinical translation

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Mauricio Alveraz profile photo

Dr Mauricio Alvarez

Lecturer in Machine Learning

Machine learning, stochastic processes, Bayesian inference

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Dr Paul Armitage

Lecturer in MRI Physics

Post-processing methods for MRI data, diffusion tensor imaging, dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI, arterial spin labelling, image registration, MR signal modelling

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Mahnaz Arvaneh Profile Picture

Dr Mahnaz Arvaneh


Brain computer interface, Closed-loop personalised cognitive and physical rehabilitation, Neural signal processing

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Claudia von Bastian

Dr Claudia von Bastian

Lecturer in Psychology

Executive functions, memory & learning, cognitive ageing, cognitive plasticity

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Dr Jason Berwick

Reader in Neurophysiology

Neurovascular coupling, imaging, electrophysiology

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Professor Fabio Ciravegna

Professor of Knowledge Technologies

Large-scale data collection and analysis from multiple devices

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Daniel Coca

Professor Daniel Coca

Professor of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Mathematical theory of neural computation, visual information processing in Drosophila, optical brain imaging, large-scale simulation of neuronal systems

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Dr Enrico Dall’Ara

Senior Lecturer in Multiscale Musculoskeletal Imaging

Computational models for improving the diagnosis and treatments for neuro-musculoskeletal diseases (preclinical and clinical)

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Professor Paul Dean

Cerebella algorithm, cerebellar microcircuit, basal ganglia

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Tom Farrow Staff

Dr Tom Farrow

Senior Lecturer in Neuroimaging

Structural (voxel-based morphometry) and functional MR brain imaging, electrophysiological recording (skin conductance response), neuromodulation (transcranial direct current stimulation), psychiatric disorders, neurologic disorders

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Dr Megan Freeth

Social cue information, neural basis of autistic behaviours

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Aditya Gilra

Dr Aditya Gilra

Lecturer in Machine Learning

How the brain learns motor and cognitive tasks, computational neuroscience, control theory and machine learning

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Professor Paul Griffiths

Professor of Radiology

Paediatric neuroimaging, in utero MRI scanning, clinical practice

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Dr Ling-zhong Guo

Dr Lingzhong Guo

Lecturer in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Computationally efficient modelling and simulation including proxy measurement, surrogate modelling, and reduced order modelling

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Professor Kevin Gurney

Computational modelling of basal ganglia, decision making, cognitive robotics

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Professor Nigel Hoggard

Professor of Neuroradiology

Diagnostic applications of MRI, neuroscience, head and neck imaging

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Dr Clare Howarth

Vice-Chancellor's Advanced Fellow

Blood supply to the brain, astrocytes, neuroimaging

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Dr Myles Jones

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Non-invasive functional neuroimaging techniques, cerebral hemodynamics, imaging data, stimulus-evoked neural activity, “resting-state” neuroimaging data

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Professor Damien Lacroix

Professor of Mechanobiology

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Liat Levita

Dr Liat Levita

Developmental neuroscience, fMRI, sMRI, EEG, emotion, cognition, threat and reward processing, adolescence

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Dr Haiping Lu profile photo

Dr Haiping Lu

Senior Lecturer in Machine Learning

Machine learning, medical imaging, network analysis

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Dr Mike Mangan

Computational neuroscience primarily related to invertebrates; verification of neural hypothesis through embedded systems on robots; place learning and navigation; novel sensory systems inspired by nature but applied to engineering problems

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James Marshall profile photo

Professor James Marshall

Professor of Theoretical and Computational Biology

Computational neuroscience, behaviour, decision-making, robotics

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Dr Chris Martin

Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Psychobiology

Functional brain imaging signals, neurovascular coupling, science communication, public understanding

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Professor Claudia Mazzà

Professor of Biomechanics

Biomechanics of human movement; musculoskeletal modelling; wearable sensors; activity monitoring; image-based modelling

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Professor Lyudmila Mihaylova

Professor Lyudmila Mihaylova

Professor of Signal Processing and Control

Novel methods for autonomous intelligent systems: for sensing, tracking and decision making, machine learning and their engineering applications.

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Professor Liz Milne

Autism spectrum disorders, perception, EEG technique

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Professor Paul Overton

Basal ganglia, dopaminergic neurons, neuroadaptations through drug abuse

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Tony Prescott profile photo

Professor Tony Prescott

Professor of Cognitive Robotics

Computational cognitive neuroscience, bio-inspired robotics, biomimetic and biohybrid systems

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Professor Peter Redgrave

Basal ganglia, computational processes, superior colliculus

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Dr Paul Richmond

Large-scale simulation of neuronal systems, High performance computing and simulation (GPUs and distributed), Software Engineering for Neuroscience

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Dr Hannes Saal

Computational neuroscience, touch and tactile processing, neural coding, robotics, human psychophysics

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Dr Robert Schmidt

Lecturer in Cognitive Science and Computational Modelling

Basal ganglia, dopamine, computational neuroscience, action control

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Dr Michael Smith

Academic Fellow

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Dr Tom Stafford

Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Cognitive Science

Learning, decision making, movement system

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Dr Nemanja Vaci

Lecturer in Psychology

Development of expertise across the lifetime, cognitive performance in patients with dementia diseases, large-scale data analysis, machine learning and advanced statistical modelling, natural language processing. 

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Dr Thomas Webb

Self-regulation, behaviour change, goal achievement, motivation

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Dr Hua-Liang Wei

Senior Lecturer

Neurophysiology, neuro-imaging data modelling and analysis, EEG, fMRI and ECG data, classification, pattern recognition, anomaly detection

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Sensory and developmental neuroscience

Dr David Andrew

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Neural mechanisms underlying chronic pain

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Dr Simon Atkins

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Neuropathic pain, regeneration following nerve injury and repair

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Professor Fiona Boissonade

Professor of Neuroscience

Chronic pain, mechanisms of altered neuronal excitability, nerve regeneration

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Ashley Cadby

Professor Ashley Cadby

Professor in Biological Physics

Development of optical microscopy to target specific biological problems

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Bioengineering Course Director, Dr Frederik Claeyssens, photo image

Prof Frederik Claeyssens

Reader in Biomaterials

Biomaterials and in vitro organ models and nerve regeneration

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Vincent Cunliffe profile photo

Dr Vincent Cunliffe

Senior Lecturer in Developmental Genetics

Development of the vertebrate nervous system; transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of neural cell fate; transcriptional and epigenetic responses to steroid hormone signalling in the zebrafish brain; anti-epileptic drug discovery in zebrafish.

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Professor Bazbek Davletov

Chair in Biomedical Science

Novel medicines for chronic pain.Novel botulinum molecules for treatment of excessive secretions. Engineered neuroblastoma cells for development of novel neurological treatments.

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Andrew Furley profile

Professor Andrew Furley

Professor of Developmental Neuroscience

Development of sensory & pain circuits, control of neural progenitor and stem cell function

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Professor John Haycock

Professor John Haycock

Professor of Bioengineering

Biomaterials and bioengineering, 3D imaging and models for nerve repair

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Professor Matthew Holley

Emeritus Professor

Development and function of the mammalian inner ear

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Dr Stuart Johnson

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Signalling characteristics of cochlear hair cells

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Professor Mikko Juusola

Professor of Systems Neuroscience

Phototransduction, retinal and central processing of visual information

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Dr Dan Lambert

Reader in Molecular Cell Biology

Neuronal-tumour interactions, molecular basis of pain, extracellular vesicles, non-coding RNA

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Andrew Lin

Dr Andrew Lin

Vice-Chancellor's Fellow

Olfaction, learning and memory, activity-dependent plasticity

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Professor Alison Loescher

Professor of Oral Surgery

Facial pain

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Mirna Mustapha

Dr Mirna Mustapha

Noise and age-related hearing impairment

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Dr Mohammed Nassar


Role of sodium channels in pain, new DRG cell lines for drug discovery and screening

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Dr Anton Nikolaev

Lecturer in Neuroscience

Visual information processing in the central nervous system

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Professor Marysia Placzek

Professor in Developmental Neurobiology

Development of the hypothalamus; homeostasis in health and disease

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Marcelo Rivolta

Professor Marcelo Rivolta

Professor of Sensory Stem Cell Biology

Auditory stem cells, inner ear repair

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Dr Liz Seward

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science

Neurotransmission and chronic pain; regulation of exocytosis by receptors, ion channels, SNARE regulatory proteins and adhesion molecules

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Profile photo Dr Fredericus (Freek) van Eeden

Dr Fredericus van Eeden

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science

DNA damage is an important driver that underlies neurodegeneration.  We are studying the roles of the VHL/HIF signalling axis, focusing on the developing zebrafish larvae as an in vivo model.

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Professor Tanya Whitfield

Professor of Developmental Biology

Development of vertebrate sensory systems.

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