Our multidisciplinary and ambitious research is helping to translate scientific discoveries in the laboratory into pioneering treatments for patients. Discover how our experts are finding answers to complex problems and changing the world for the better.

Head up collar

The Goldilocks collar

Professor Chris McDermott and his team are transforming the lives of their patients by giving them some independence back – with the help of NASA technology.

Dr Heather Mortiboys leading a team of Parkinson's researchers in a lab

Precision medicine for Parkinson's Disease

By gaining a better understanding of Parkinson's Disease, we are working towards potentially life-changing treatments to slow it down and one day halt it in its tracks.

Scientist using petri dish

Pioneering stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis (MS)

A new treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) has had a life-changing impact on patients who have the relapsing-remitting form of the disease.

Neuroscience fotm mouth

Repairing nerves with 3D printing

Our researchers are using a unique library of human tissue – and biocompatible 3D printed materials – to improve patient treatment and quality of life.

Illustration showing bee and drone technology

Revolutionising autonomous technology

Nature will always find the simplest way to do something. This is the case for autonomous technology, where bees are providing a novel solution.

MRI brain scan

Discovering a new starting point for Alzheimer’s disease

The discovery of a biomarker linked to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease could lead to a new way of screening the elderly population for early signs of the disease.


MND discovery could lead to new treatments

Scientists have discovered a new gene variation that causes motor neurone disease (MND) in a novel biological pathway that until now hasn’t been linked with neurodegeneration.


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