Sharing information about your disability

How to tell us you have a disability and what we do with your information.


Tell us you have a disability 

If you believe that your disability impacts on your learning, please let us know so we can provide you with support to ensure you can get the most out of your University experience and studies.

You can disclose a disability on your University application form, or by contacting us before you arrive or at any point during your studies. 

Contact DDSS We’ll then contact you to introduce our service and discuss what support you need and how to set it up.

Will it affect my University application?

Any information you disclose about your disability on your application will not be considered by the University as part of the selection process. Your application will be assessed on its academic merits alone.

What we do with your information 

We won’t share any information about your disability with anyone else within or outside of the University without your consent, unless a member of DDSS staff believes you are at risk of causing harm to yourself or others. In this instance, confidentiality may need to be broken so that the responsible authorities can be informed.

How we share your information  

After a discussion with you, and with your consent, we may pass on specific information relating to your disability to:

Your academic department

  • This would involve a Learning Support Plan outlining the impact your disability is likely to have on your learning, and steps that can be taken to ensure you’re supported. 

We’ll send this to the Disability Liaison Officer in your department who will share it to your tutor/members of departmental staff and sometimes (only after consent from you) placement providers you’ll be working with.

Internal University services 

  • The exams team will need information about any support you require so they can arrange additional exam support for you (extra time, etc).
  • The library will need information about your support to ensure you’re given extended book loans.

External agencies

  • We may need to liaise with your GP/Educational Psychologist so that we have sufficient evidence of your disability to implement your support.
  • If you’re applying for, or in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) we may need to liaise with:
  • your funding body (e.g. Student Finance England or NHS Bursaries) to ensure you’re provided the support you require
  • the assessment centre where you completed your needs assessment to determine the DSA support you need.

If we need to liaise with other parties we’ll get your consent before doing so.

Restrict the information we share about you

You can restrict the information we share about you and/or who we share it with.  

If you restrict the information we share about you, we’ll still provide you with disability support, but you may be unable to access the full range of support that would otherwise be available to you. 

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