Registration for international students

A step-by-step guide of everything you need to do in order to complete your registration at the University as an International student starting in September 2023.


If you’re registering outside of September, the process is different. Visit:

Registration at other times of the year​​​​​


Your registration with the University is split into three parts:

  1. Online pre-registration phase one (May – August)
  2. Online pre-registration phase two (September)
  3. In-person Right to Study check (September)

You must complete a series of online pre-registration tasks. Half of these tasks you can complete from May onwards, and the other half will be released at the beginning of September.

In the pre-registration email you receive in September, we’ll ask you to book an appointment to attend an in-person Right to Study check to have your immigration documents verified. You’ll then be able to complete your registration with the University. Appointments will be available from the week commencing 11 September 2023

You can’t start your course or attend lectures and seminars until you’ve registered with the University. 

The deadline for being in Sheffield and registered as a student for most courses is 16 October 2023. Some courses have earlier deadlines - check if your course has an earlier start date.

If you’re going to be late, visit our late registration page

Complete online pre-registration phase one

Once you’ve received an unconditional offer to study, you’ll receive an email from us  notifying you to complete the registration tasks below (email subject: ‘Complete pre-registration tasks now’). 

You must make sure that we have your correct email address so we can contact you about registration. If you need to update your contact information, contact:

Expand the tabs below for information on how to complete each task.

Set up your applicant University IT account

Before you can access and start to complete your online registration tasks, you’ll need to set up your applicant University IT account.  

After the Admissions team has issued your offer, they’ll send you an email from containing your username and inviting you to activate your account. You’ll be asked to follow the instructions in their account activation site.  

This will give you access to MUSE for offer holders.

Using MUSE

You’ll use your MUSE account at this stage to complete the majority of your pre-registration tasks.

If you haven't been invited to access MUSE within three working days of receiving your offer, contact

When you’ve activated your account you can access MUSE at any time by clicking ‘Log in to MUSE’ in the bar along the top-left of any webpage.

When you first log in to your student computer account you’ll be prompted to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is mandatory on all University IT accounts.

If you have problems accessing MUSE or setting up MFA visit:

Read the admissions requirements

Before you can register as a new student, you must provide evidence that you’ve met:

  • The University's general entrance requirements
  • The specific academic requirements of our course or the conditions of your offer
  • The University's minimum English Language requirement

For more information about verifying your previous qualifications, visit: 

Qualifications verification

Complete your financial declaration

This confirms the source and level of your funding and provides us with a guarantee that you have enough money to cover your tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of your degree. 

You’ll also be asked additional questions about any sponsorship you’re expecting to receive, as well as information about your nationality and residential history. 

We need this information to help us determine your status for tuition fee purposes.

Pay your tuition fees

Paying your tuition fee is an essential part of registration at the University. We advise you to arrange your fee payments in advance of your arrival.

You can pay your tuition fees as part of your pre-registration tasks. 

For more information on how to do this, visit:

Upload your sponsor letter (sponsored students only)

If you’re expecting an external organisation (eg an embassy, your employer, a government organisation) to pay your tuition fee and you need the University to send them an invoice, you must upload an official letter from your sponsor confirming your funding.

For more information on how to obtain a sponsor letter, visit: 

Register with the University Health Service

If you’ll be a registered student studying with us for 3 months or more, you (and any dependents living within the practice’s inner boundary) can register with the University Health Service (UHS). UHS is our National Health Service (NHS) General Practice. 

If you’re already registered with a doctor in Sheffield you don’t need to register with UHS if you don't want to.

If you don’t live in Sheffield you won’t be able to register with UHS.

To register with UHS, complete the medical questionnaire in your online pre-registration tasks.

Apply for your CAS number

If you’re applying for a student visa to study in the UK you’ll need a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies ) number before you can make your visa application. 

The CAS application task will appear in the pre-registration system when:

  • it’s less than four months before the start of your course; and
  • you’ve accepted an unconditional offer to study at the University; and
  • you’ve paid any fee deposit we’ve requested (postgraduate taught applicants only)

For more information on applying for your CAS number, visit: 

For more information on applying for your student visa, visit:

If your course requires ATAS approval (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) visit:

Upload a copy of your passport

Under UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) regulations, you must provide us with a copy of your passport. You can upload this in the online pre-registration system.

Complete online pre-registration phase two

You’ll receive an email from us at the beginning of September notifying you to complete the next set of registration tasks (email subject: ‘Complete pre-registration tasks now’).

If you haven’t received this email by 4 September 2023, contact us.

Expand the tabs below for more information on each step and how to complete them.

Activate your student computer account

You’ll now be able to activate your student MUSE account which you’ll use to:

  • Complete some of your online registration tasks
  • Access your course timetable
  • Access your course materials via Blackboard
  • Access the Student Hub to view useful online information 
  • Manage your student record
  • Complete the Student Information Security Training course
Upload your UCard photo

Your UCard is used to verify your identity as a student at the University, and allows you to:

  • access to University buildings
  • borrow books from the Library 
  • use University printers and photocopiers 

You must upload your photo online using our pre-registration system. Your Ucard will then be printed for you at your in-person registration event. 

Your UCard photo must:

  • be a portrait-sized colour photo of your head and shoulders, such as a passport photo
  • be an accurate representation of you and must not be edited in any way.

If the photo you’ve uploaded isn’t suitable for your UCard, we’ll ask you to take a new one at your right to study check.

You can upload your photo at any point up until you arrive at your registration event.

Upload your Right to Study visa documents

Under UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) regulations, you must provide us with evidence of your right to study in the UK.

All of your immigration documentation must be for the University of Sheffield. We will not accept any immigration documentation intended for use at other Universities.

You can upload your immigration documents in the online pre-registration system. It will specify what you need to upload.

When uploading documents, check that:

  • The image is clear
  • If you applied for your visa from outside the UK, only upload a copy of the travel vignette after it’s been stamped by a UK immigration official
  • You’ve uploaded the front and back of your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
  • The document you’ve uploaded is a valid form of leave to remain in the UK
Choose your modules (undergraduate and postgraduate taught)

If your course allows you to choose optional modules, you’ll be asked to select these as part of your pre-registration tasks using online module selection.

All of your selected modules must have been approved before you can register with the University. 

The module selection task will show:

  • Your core modules (compulsory modules that can’t be changed) 
  • How many remaining credits you need to select for a full set of modules
  • A list of module choices that have been pre-selected by your department – you must select your remaining modules from this list. 

Once you’ve completed online module selection, your chosen modules will show as:

Pending: Your module selections have been sent to your academic department for approval. This process can take two to three working days. You can still make changes to your modules whilst they’re pending approval. 

Approved: The modules you’ve selected have been approved by your academic department and will be added to your student record within 24 hours. Your module selections can no longer be changed.  

Rejected: The modules you selected are unavailable/were not approved by your academic department, select an alternative module/s for approval.  

Your department will email you with specific details about module choice before you arrive. For further guidance on your modules, contact your department.

How many credits you need

Many modules are only taught in one semester each year. The modules you choose, along with your core modules must make up a full and balanced load of:

  • 60 credits per semester ( undergraduate) 
  • 90 credits per semester (postgraduate taught). 

Your selected modules must add up to:

  • 120 credits per academic year (undergraduate) 
  • 180 credits per academic year (postgraduate taught).

For more information about modules offered by different departments across the University, visit our Directory of Modules.

Changing your modules

If you wish to change your modules after they’ve been approved you can do this once the module add/drop period opens.

Provide your bank details

We require your bank details to:

  • Arrange your fee payments (only if you’re self-sponsored)
  • Arrange your accommodation fee payments (only if you’re staying in University accommodation)
  • Process any payments you’re expecting to receive from the University (eg scholarships)
Complete your online registration steps

You must complete the following online registration tasks before attending your in-person Right to Study check. These are explained in detail below.

Once you’ve completed each step it will be highlighted green, meaning you can move on to the next registration task. 

You must have completed all steps before you can register with the University. 

  • Confirm your personal details, term time and home address and emergency contact information
  • Provide disability information 
  • Programme details 
  • Arrange fee payment
  • Register 

Confirm your personal details, term time and home address & emergency contact information

  • Term time address: The address you'll be living at during your studies in Sheffield. Check with your accommodation provider if you don’t know your full address. 
  • Home address: Your address in your home country.
  • Emergency contact details: Contact details of someone we can contact in case of an emergency (eg a parent, relative or friend).

Provide disability information

If you have an impairment or condition that impacts or can impact on your learning, complete this section. 

Our Disability and Dyslexia Support Service will then contact you with information about setting up support. 

For further information, visit:

Programme details

You’ll be asked to confirm your programme details including:

  • Your course title and length
  • The core modules for your programme
  • The modules you’ve selected for your first academic year

You must have completed online module selection before completing this step. 

See the section on Online module selection for further information.

Arrange fee payment

If you’ve already paid your tuition fees / set up a payment plan, this task will be highlighted in green. You don’t need to complete this section again. 

If you haven’t paid your tuition fees yet, you’ll be asked to make payment or set up a payment plan. 

For more information about tuition fees, visit:


This is the final step in the online registration process.

This task will remain unticked as you must attend an in-person Right to Study check in order to complete your registration. 

You can only complete this task once you’ve booked and attended your Right to Study Check and your immigration documents have been approved. 

Once your Right to Study check is complete, we’ll direct you to a computer so you can complete this task.

Attend your in-person Right to Study check

If you're a distance learning student you don't need to attend an in-person right to study check. You’ll be prompted to upload any immigration documents online as part of your pre-registration steps.

Once you’ve completed your online pre-registration tasks, you must attend an in-person Right to Study check to have your immigration documents verified. We’ll email you at the beginning of September asking you to book an appointment to attend this. 

Once you’ve attended your RTS check, you’ll then be able to complete your registration with the University. 

Visit the page below for information about attending your RTS check, including what documents you must bring to your appointment. 

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