Accommodation for families

An outline of the University owned and private accommodation available if you’re an international student bringing your family to the UK.



You don’t need to have family accommodation arranged prior to arriving in the UK. It’s not a mandatory requirement for the visa. 

You may wish to travel ahead of your family to sort out accommodation before they arrive so you can visit the property and explore local areas for example, to make sure they meet your family’s needs.

Where you live will also determine which school your children can attend. For more information on this, please visit:

Children, pregnancy and schooling

University accommodation 

We offer a range of 1, 2 and 3 bed properties, all within easy reach of the main University buildings and in close proximity to local amenities.

Our Accommodation Office will try to help you find suitable accommodation, but we can’t guarantee University owned family accommodation will be available. Demand for this type of accommodation is high and supply is limited, especially for larger family groups.

For more information please visit:

Families and couples | Accommodation

You can also contact the Accommodation Office at:

Private accommodation 

Sheffield has a good supply of rented accommodation, but unlike University-owned family accommodation this may be further away from campus.  

Much of the student housing provision close to campus is let as student house-shares rather than to families. There may be a better supply and more affordable family accommodation a little further away from campus.

Our Smartmove team can help you find registered properties in the Private Sector which meet high property and management standards (Snug Standards).

Smartmove Sheffield 

The Student Advice Centre can also provide house hunting information and offer a contract checking service.

Student Advice Centre

Landlords and letting agents will also advertise properties on their own websites and property search websites. Advisors in the above services can advise further on this. 

Support with accommodation issues

The Student Advice Centre has specialist housing advisers who have a good understanding of the Sheffield housing market, local landlords and letting agents. 

Advisers can: 

  • offer house-hunting advice
  • check housing contracts 
  • provide advice and support with all types of housing queries
  • help and advise if you have a problem with your landlord or property (both University and private sector accommodation)

The housing renting system in the UK may be very different from what you’re used to, so it may be useful to check out their information before entering into housing contracts with private landlords.

 Housing information | Student Advice Centre

To contact an adviser, email: