How your dependents can access healthcare in the UK.


Access the National Health Service 

Your dependant can access free National Health Service (NHS) healthcare whilst in the UK if they have paid the Immigration Health surcharge as part of their visa application. 

This includes: 

  • access to primary care (seeing a doctor/GP) 
  • access to secondary care (most hospital treatment and maternity services)

This does not include:

  • prescription charges
  • dental treatment
  • assisted conception services

For further information please visit the NHS Migrant Health Guide.

Children born in the UK 

If your child was born in the UK they are not required to have a dependant visa, unless you’re travelling overseas and wish to re-enter the UK. However, without a visa they’re only entitled to free NHS healthcare for 12 weeks after their birth.

After this time you should either apply for a visa and pay the immigration healthcare charge which will cover their healthcare or consider taking out private medical insurance.


If your family are visiting you and are in the UK with a standard visitor visa, they won’t be entitled to free NHS care. They should have their own private medical insurance. 

They can access emergency treatment in the UK but will face significant charges if they do require hospital treatment.

Access the University Health Service

You can register with the University Health Service (UHS) if you live in Sheffield. 

Your dependants are also eligible to register at the UHS if they live within the practice boundary. If they live outside the practice boundary, they need to find a surgery close to where they live. 

For more information, visit: 

University health service

Register your family with a Doctor/GP

If your Dependants can’t register with the University, you can find a General Practice (GP) surgery near your accommodation using: 

Find a GP | NHS

Anyone in England can register with a Doctor’s surgery. It's free to register. 

You don’t need proof of address, an immigration status, ID or an NHS number. 

How to register with a GP

Access hospital treatment 

For most illnesses, you should contact your local GP or University Health Service first. If necessary, they’ll refer you to appropriate specialists for hospital treatment.

If you have symptoms or need emergency treatment and can’t speak to your own doctor, you can use the NHS online 111 service for health information and advice.

In an emergency situation you can call 999 and request an ambulance.

We also have a specialist Children's Hospital in Sheffield, with its own Accident and Emergency department for children aged up 16 years. It’s located close to the main University campus.

Other urgent care options in Sheffield 

Hospitals in Sheffield

Find a dentist

It may be possible to find an NHS dentist. There will still be some charges to pay for adults but these will be significantly lower than for private dental care. 

Children should get free dental treatment at a NHS dentist. 

In some areas, it may be difficult to register with a NHS dentist, but you can register with any dentist. It doesn’t depend on where you live. 

For more information, visit the NHS website:

How to find an NHS dentist 

For details on finding qualified private dentists, visit British Dental Association . 

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